Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Reinforcement - Battle for Mars phase 2

The war on Mars rages on. Vulkan has brought his Legion to reinforce those brothers that remained on Mars. The  Word Bearers, under Lorgar have assembled a colossal force to add to the struggle on Mars.

Each player's force is part of one of 3 factions:
The Imperialists
The Secessionists 
The Mechanicum

Assigned Forces
Thousand Sons (Scattered Legion)
Salamanders (Combat Ready)
Word Bearers (Combat Ready)
Ultramarines (Combat Ready)
Iron Warriors (Combat Ready)
Alpha Legion (Combat Ready)
Sundered Mechanicum (Unstoppable Horde)
Dark Mechanicum (Unstoppable Horde)

After winning a game the victor must pick one of the results below, roll a dice on a 3+ the result takes effect (all enemy or empty territories must be adjacent to a friendly territory):
Sabotage uncapture an enemy territory
Fortify build a structure on a friendly territory
Conquest capture an empty territory
Explore add an empty territory to the map
Overwhelm take an enemy territory*
* can only be chosen by an Unstoppable Horde

Structures owning players may make a 4+ save to stop an enemy from using Sabotage or Overwhelm against the territory with the structure.  Structures are destroyed when they are successfully Sabotaged or Overwhelmed.  In addition friendly or unclaimed territories adjacent to the structure have a 6+ save against Sabotage, Overwhelm or Conquest. 

Combat Effectiveness
Each player's force has a combat effectiveness that will affect their Victory
Combat Ready no bonuses or penalties
Scattered Legion +1 to Sabotage and Fortify; -1 to Expand (Structures only give a 5+ save to the territory with the structure on it)
Forces are Scattered Legions if they control less territory than the number of forces assigned to Mars, certain circumstances my also Scatter a Legion. 
Unstoppable Horde may choose to Overwhelm; -2 to Sabotage and Conquest
Forces are Unstoppable Hordes if their Faction controls 1/3 of the map and/or there are 6 forces assigned to Mars for that faction.
Off Worlders +1 to Explore; -1 Conquest and Fortify
Any force not assigned to Mars.

Should 2 players of the same faction fight one another then their faction will immediately lose 1 territory.  After this is resolved proceed through the normal Victory

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Heroes and Villains

We will be using the Character Progression rules found in Conquest (pg.214-220) with some minor changes.

Each player can make up to 2 heroes/villains per force they play.  A force in this case is: any Legion(s) a player uses, the Mechanicum, Solar Auxilia, Imperialis Militia/Cults.  If one of a player's current Heroes or Villains becomes a Fatality then they may make a new one.

Players may field a maximum of 2 heroes/villains in any army of 4,000pts or less, unless otherwise stated in the Scenario. 

All Heroes and Villains progress must be tracked on the Not Enough Orks forum, as should the status of Lost Relics.  At the start/end of each sub-era all characters will be updated on the blog.

Creating a Hero/Villain
*Select a Non-Unique HQ Independent Character
*Select Wargear and Options for the character these can never be changed (except command units and dedicated transports)
*Select a Warlord Table and roll 3d6 (rerolling doubles) pick one of the results.  The character will use that warlord Trait from then on.
*add +20pts to the cost of the character
*Roll once on one of the Character Advancement Tables (Conquest pg.218)
*Name the character (appropriately) and give a short amount of background (2-3 sentences will do)
*Select which Warzone the Character is assigned to.

Relics of the Dark Age of Technology
Heroes or Villains may use Relics of the Dark Age of Technology.  If the Hero/Villain is removed as a Fatality then the Relic is lost to that player.  To regain use of that Relic they must win a Relic Hunt mission (Conquest pg.228).  Relics can be found in Conquest pg.223-227

Advancing Heroes and Villains
Each game played gains the character two advances if they win or one advance if they lose or draw.  For each advance pick one of the advancement tables below and roll a D6
Characteristic Increase
Command Advance
Morale Advance
Melee Advance
Movement Advance

Characteristic Increases must be accepted unless a character has reached the limit for that characteristic.  Other advances can be rerolled if a duplicate result is rolled.

After a battle you must roll to see what happens to any Heroes and Villains that are casualties.  The roll is modified as follows:
-1 if the character Fell Back off the table
-1 if the character was caught in a Sweeping Advance
-1 if the character was killed during a Tank Shock (including Death or Glory)
+1 if the character was killed in a Challenge
+1 if the killing blow had Instant Death
+1 if the killing blow had the Destroyer rule

Injury Table
D6  Result
1-2  Survived  The character suffers no lasting injury and can be used as normal
3     Shaken  -1Ld in the characters next game
4     Wounded -1 Wound in the character's next game  
5     Captured The character is captured by the enemy.  You must play a Liberation mission (Conquest pg 221) to free the character, not playing the Liberation mission or failing the mission results in the character becoming a Fatality*
6+   Fatality  The character being slain or so heavily wounded they must withdraw from the Warzone. They are removed from the campaign

Primarchs and Special Characters
Primarchs and Special Characters are assigned to warzones in the same manner as Heroes and Villains.  If a Legion is assigned to only one Warzone all of the Legion's Special Characters and Primarch are assumed to be at that warzone.
Primarchs may roll 2 dice and pick the lowest when rolling for injury.   If Special Characters or a Primarch are captured roll a dice on a 4+ they escape but will play their next game with -1 Wound and -1 Toughness.

Rules of the 2nd Eradication Era (September 2015)

 Here are the new generic rules for this round of the Eradication Era.  These supersede previous rules changes.

Army Selection 
Army selection will now fall more directly in line with the Forge World Horus Heresy rules.  These rules only apply to games of 3,000pts or less, for larger games agree with your opponent how you wish to handle army selection
Force Organisation Charts 
Players should use the Battles in the Age of Darkness Force Organisation Chart (found in Betrayal pg.184; Massacre pg.166; Tempest pg.159; Crusade Army List pg.10).
Players may also use the Onslaught, Leviathan or Castellan Force Organisation Charts (Massacre pg.166-167; Crusade Army List pg.10-11).  Alternatively you may use an Unbound list.  In either of these instances double check that your opponent is happy to play against that list.
Rites of War
An army may only use a Rite of War if it is using the Battles in the Age of Darkness Force Organisation Chart.  A Primary Detachment may only take 1 Rite of War, Allied Detachments may take a Rite of War if they contain a model with the Master of the Legion special rule and if the allied force is worth atleast 1,000pts.
 Master of the Legion
Please note you may only have 1 Master of the Legion per 1,000pts.  All Praetors and Primarchs have the Master of the Legion Special Rule.
  Relics of the Dark Age of Technology
Only a Heroes or Villains may use Relics of the Dark Age of Technology if the Hero/Villain is removed as a Fatality then the Relic is lost to that player.  To regain use of that Relic they must win a Relic Hunt mission (Conquest pg.228).
  Scoring Units
The only units that count as scoring are Troops (not including Dedicated Transports or Troops mounted in a Dedicated Transport), models with a special rule conferring Scoring status to the unit (such as Implacable Advance), or models that gain Scoring status from a scenario's special rules.
All units count as Denial Units.
Army Lists
Any of the Army Lists presented in the Horus Heresy book series may be used, these are summarised below:

 Space Marine Legion Crusade Army List
-a player must pick one of the 18 Legions
-if your legion does not have a specific Legiones Astartes rule then they may choose Stubborn or Furious Charge

Taghmata Omnissiah Army List**
-you may also use the Legio Cybernetica and Ordo Reductor Lists

Questoris Knight Crusade Army List***

Solar Auxilia Crusade Army List

Imperialis Militia and Cults Army List

The following 40k Codices* can also be used (some might have some limits):

Chaos Daemons
-this isn't entirely relevant just yet, but this will be the source of all your Daemonic needs

Officio Assassinorum
-Each Assassin is bought as a single Elite slot in the Primary Detachment.

-If using a pure Skitarii list you may take a single Magos Prime as a HQ choice.  The Magos has the Doctrina Imperatives special rule and access to all equipment options from Codex Skitarii in addition to its normal options.  The Magos may not select a High Order of Technoarcana.

Cult Mechanicus**
-Canticles of the Omnissiah applies only to units chosen from the Cult Mechanicus list.

Imperial Knights***

*Codices may be removed from this list as and when FW does an equivalent army list.
**The Taghmata Omnissiah, Skitarii and Cult Mechanicus are all considered to be a single army list and may be freely chosen from.  No formations or alternate Force Organisation Charts may be used
***Knights may be freely mixed between these two lists, so the Imperial Knights may take a Lancer or a Questoris list could take a Gallant.  However special rules, warlord traits, etc are unique to each list.  You will have to choose which list your army is chosen from.  No formations from Codex Imperial Knights may be used.

Additional Rules
The following rules will also be in effect:
Heroes and Villains
Secession Allies Matrix 
Badass Bolters 
Legiones Astartes Thousand Sons
Rite of War: Thunderous Strike
Scions of Guilliman Emissaries
7th Edition and the Secession

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Rules of the 1st Eradication Era part 2

There seems to be a bit of confusion as to how we are handling Detachments so here is a run down of them.
Each Force Organisation Chart (such as the Battles in the Age of Darkness or Onslaught), Combined Arms Detachment or Formation (currently only found in 40k codices) is considered a Detachment.  You may make an army up of any number of Detachments from any number of sources.  However you must meet the "Compulsory" requirements for every Detachment.  Units only ever gain benefits from the Detachment they are bought as a part of. 
Some Force Organisation Charts (Battles in the Age of Darkness for example) include optional Fortifications, Lords of War and Allied detcahments.  Each time you take one of these Detachments you get access to one full set of these optional Detachments.

As an example I could take a Raven Guard, Battles in the age of Darkness Detachment with a HQ (required), 2 Troops (required) and an optional Lord of War (which cannot be more than 25% the army points value).  I could then take a second detachment in the form of a Skitarii Maniple adding 2 Troops (required).  Lastly I add an Officio Assassinorum Detachment of 1 Assassin (required).

If you use an Unbound list, all restrictions are lifted with the exception of Unique models.  So you may spend any number of points on Lords of War, you may have any number of 1 per army type units (so long as they aren't unique) and you may draw from any combination of allowed sources.  However you cannot gain the benefits any Formations, Detachments or rites of War when using an Unbound list.

Rites of War
The normal restriction for taking only 1 Rite of War has been lifted.  Now each Detachment chosen using the Battles in the Age of Darkness Force Organisation Chart may follow its own Rite of War so long as there is a model with Master of the Legion in the army.  You may even have multiple different Legions in different detachments using their own Rites of War, be aware that many Rites of War do not allow allies or Legion allies before you try this. 
Notes about Master of the Legion
You may only have 1 Master of the Legion per 1,000 points
Primarchs have Master of the Legion

Scoring Units
We are using a slightly modified form of the Age of Darkness scoring rules.  In this rule set only Troops are scoring (this includes Troops in an Unbound list).  Dedicated transports are never scoring, and units in transports don't count as scoring whilst embarked on the transports.  The 7th Edition and the Secession post deals with Command Benefits. 

Lords of War- Price of Failure
Just a reminder of this rule.  All Lords of War are Secondary Objectives worth the following amount of points:
Engine of Destruction: a vehicle with 9+ HP
Great Beasts: a Gargantuan Creature with 9+W
 1VP per Vehicle/Creature
War Machine Detachment: 1-2 Super heavy vehicles of the same type with 8 or less HP each
Monstrous Horde: 1-2 Gargantuan Creatures of the same type with 8 or less W each
Sub-orbital Strike wing: 1-3 Flyers of the same type with 3 or less HP each

Destroyer weapons
I would recommend using the Age of Darkness Destroyer Weapons rule.  Especially given the increase in units that have them.  Make sure all players agree on which set of rules to use.

Destroyer Weapons are S10, Instant Death, Sunder and Ignores Cover.  In addition invulnerable saves must be rerolled.  Destroyer weapons cause D3+1 wounds per hit.  Each penetrating hit causes D3+1 HP and 1 roll on the Vehicle Damage Table.
 If no AP is given treat a Destroyer weapon as AP2*

Stomps:  If you are using the above Destroyer rule, then I suggest changing the '6' result to a Destroyer hit instead of a "remove from the table" hit.

Player Agreement
Players should feel free to use, ignore or make up any new rules they feel like.  So long as all players involved in the game understand what rules are being used and follow the same rules.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Martian Schism, The second battle

The Coniugatorii would have been pleased, if irritated if he still had any notion of what it meant to be pleased or irritated.  Six great armies converged on the Ancient Facility.  Each had their own plans and each was part of a greater whole that had its own plans.  He pondered the flow of the battle as he watched the forces of the two halves of the Mechanicum face off against each other each flanked by the Secessionists on one side and Imperialists on the other.  Could each force work together to overcome their foes?  Would each collapse in upon each other?  Would the Coniugatorii's plans come to fruition and the Mecanicum be reunited or would they once more fall apart?

The Scions deployment, along with a salvaged Salamanders Glaive.  All guns aimed squarely at the Dark Mechanicum.

Iron Warriors bring forth their armoured might ready to crush their Imperialist and Dark Mechanicum foes.

Thousand Sons deployment, ready to move out their flanks covered by their allies the Dark Mechanicum and Alpha Legion/Imperial Army.  Both of whom have proven to be questionable allies at best.

Imperial Army deployment, ready to advance.

The Alpha Legionnaires insert themselves into a forward position.

Sundered Mechanicum deploy their heavy hitters to the fore, ready to inflict some serious damage.

The Dark Mechanicum, trust in their pacts with the Imperialists to secure their rear whilst they point everything at the Scions of Guilliman.

The Dark and Sundered Mechanicum Ruststalkers infiltrate into the central objective, in an amazing display of stealth (given that they cannot infiltrate... oops)

The Dark Mechanicum and Scions of Guilliman waste no time and launch straight into one another.  The Knight took a withering hail of fire, enough to make it think again about charging and throw off its aim.

The Thousand Sons hot foot it to get into a better position. Whilst the Iron Warriors, Alpha Legion and Sundered Mechanicum slightly shift their positions.

As the first two Sundered Knights smash into the Imperialists a third Sundered Knight and a Lightning arrive on the battlefield.

The Dark Mechanicum Eversor and Rust Stalkers hit the Iron Warriors hard, stealing the initiative and putting them on the back foot.  They take a phenomenal amountof fire power before they are finally brought low.

The Alpha Legion and their Imperial Army allies spring a deadly trap! Having secretly made alliances with the Secessionists they turn on their erstwhile allies.

Having made considerable headway towards the Scions the Thousand Sons find themselves with enemies both in front of and behind them.

The Scions of Guilliman, Thousand Sons and Dark Mechanicum doing the bulk of the fighting are soon joined by the fresher Iron Warriors, Alpha Legion and Sundered Mechanicum.

Not to be left out the Iron Warriors and Sundered Mechanicum attack each others forces whilst advancing on the centre.

As The Imperial Army/Alpha Legion devastate the Thousand Sons.  Who although attacked on all sides do some serious damage in return, not the least of which is bringing down a Sundered Knight!  In a final opportunistic act of calculated spite the Alpha Legion blasts the Coniugatorii.

Realising the time was right the Imperial army Valkyrie drops of some Army Scions in the centre.  The Sundered Mechanicum Skitarii take the central point.  In a final act of calculated betrayal the Dark Castellax turn on and destroy the Thousand Sons Assault squad, before resuming their march to the centre ground.

The Scions forces are largely spent in the fight against the Dark Mechanicum make a final push doing what damage they can.  With aircraft zooming all around the Dark Storm Eagle laden with fresh Skitarii Land amongst the rubble of the centre ground to take the last point.

With the Dark and Sundered Mechanicum controlling 2 of the 3 points and with the most forces in the centre ground the Martian Mechanicum tenuously declares its reunification and claims victory!

The Coniugatorii, his ruined form buried under the rubble of the ancient facility continued to read his data-feed as the Mechanicum battle data was fed to him.  The Thousand Sons, staunch allies of the Dark Mechanicum's quest for knowledge regardless of the price had fallen prey to the schemes of the Alpha Legion and and the calculated treachery of the Dark Mechanicum.  The Scions of Guilliman and Iron Warriors had bled themselves badly and been left out of position by the Dark and then the Sundered Mechanicum, unwittingly drawing the fractured halves closer together.  As his vital fluids left him the Coniugatorii reflected that another being might be terrified at dying, or proud that their plans had come to fruition, not so a Priest of the Mecanicum, for long ago had he had such weaknesses surgically removed.  As the datafeed slowly flickered and died he simply was, and then he was no more, the dust and debris forming what might be a rough smile over the ruined tubing, lenses and grills that had made up his ruined face.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Martian Schism, game 2 scenario

Players may choose to use an Unbound army or use any of the Age of Darkness Force Organisation Charts.  If a player wishes to use a Rite of War they must use the Age of Darkness Force Org. Chart.
Each player will have 3000pts.

The game will be played on a 6'x8' table.  The centre 2'x4' will be the objective.  6 markers will be placed, each one an equal distance from the two either side of it and from the central objective.  Players then deploy within 12" of their marker.
Scout, Infiltrate and Outflank will work as normal.

Mission Special Rules:
The game is a 6 player free for all but will have rough alliances and will affect the allies matrix. Here is the starting "alliances"
Imperialists: Alpha Legion, Thousand Sons, Dark Mechanicum
Secessionists: Scions of Guilliman, Iron Warriors, Sundered Mechanicum
Martian Mechanicum: Sundered and Dark Mechanicum

These alliances do not stop you from attacking anyone but it would be wise not to make a friend into an enemy.
New alliances can also be forged during the game (which may positively affect the allies matrix).
Victory conditions:
The centre 2'x4' will be the objective area.  Within this area will be 3 equally spaced markers.All units are scoring, except Zooming Flyers and Swooping Flying Monstrous Creatures.  There are no secondary objectives.
-1VP unit is in the objective area
-2VP if a unit is in the objective area and within 3" of a marker.

Battle for Mars:
This mission will decide the appearance of the map for the Battle for Mars.

Monday, April 27, 2015

Warzones of the Eradication Era

The Battle for Mars
The war for Mars rages on, the Mechanicum fighting for the sovereignty of Mars whilst the Legions fight for a vital staging point for further conquest and to secure munitions and materiel.  Ever more Legions are drawn to the struggle as the fate of the red planet, the Imperium and Imperium Secundus hang in the balance.

We also have the following mini-campaigns in effect:
The mini-campaign games do not effect the Battle for Mars map.

Dissent in the Ranks
The Imperial Fists civil war on their home world of Inwit

Deliverance Lost
The White Scars assault on the Raven Guard in an attempt to purge the legion, fought on Deliverance.

Fall of the Iron Hands
Following the Iron Hands on their descent into worship of Tzeentch.

Lion and the Drake.
The trials of two Legions with the strongest bond, the formation and collapse of the Paladin order

Between a Forge and a Hard Place.
Substantial forces of Iron Warriors and Iron Hands meet in one of the bloodiest conflicts of the Secession.

Enter the Darkness
Guilliman has tasked the Alpha Legion with the destruction of the Night Lords, a thousand skirmishes on a thousand worlds as each Legions seeks to tear the other apart.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Martian Schism. The first battle.

The Coniugatorii would have been pleased, if he could still feel the sensation of pleasure, as both the Dark and Sundered Mechanicum had sent representitives to discuss the re-unification of Mars, or at least a cessation of hostilities.  The talks had progressed for several hours, that no one had shot anyone else yet demonstrated the providence of the Mechanicum's choice in soldiery, and were coming to a head when a sentry spotted movement at the outskirts of the ruins.   

The Sundered Mechanicum (left) meet with the Dark Mechanicum (right) whilst the Coniugatorii (centre) leads the negotiations.

The Imperialists soon arrive in the form of the Thousand Sons, Alpha Legion and Imperial Army.  

Shortly after the Iron Warriors arrive en masse from the oposite end of the ruins.  In true Iron Warriors fashion they was no time on formalities and offer both factions of the Mechanicum a non-aggression pact.  

The Imperialists quickly offer their own non-aggression pact to the Mechanicum.  The Imperialists and Secessionists open fire on one another, as the Mechanicum forces rush to better cover and firing positions.

Dark Mechanicum Thanatars arrive and obliterate the Iron Havocs lascannon squad.  Thus ruining any non-aggression pacts with the Iron Warriors.

The Iron Warriors move up into better positions and open fire, with less than sterling results.

The Sundered Mechanicum reinforcements arrive, like the Dark Mechanicum they happily ignore the offers of a non-aggression pact and set out to prove the supremacy of Mars.

The Thousand Sons Praetor engages the Iron Warriors Warsmith in a duel that continues for half the battle. Whilst the Venator sits there immobalised and out of position.

The Tanks of the Imperial army provide covering fire whilst the Alpha Legionnaires advance into the central building.

The Iron Warriors Land Raider surges forwards critically injuring a Thanatar, before it is attacked by a squad of Castellax.

The Dark Mechanicum Knight arrives at the rear of the Iron Warrior lines.

With the Dark Mechanicum attacking on all fronts the Iron Warriors reposition and open fire, killing the Dark Mechanicum warlord in the process!

The Sundered Mechanicum blast away at the Imperialists with the Krios Venator felling two Leman Russ battle tanks!

Sundered Mechanicum and Imperial Army Lightnings dogfight above the battle.

The Dark Mechanicum Knight Errant and Castellax go after the Land Raider whilst the Thanatar bombard Terminators to no avail.

In an effort to get away from the Knight the Typhon thunderblitzes the Dark Mechanicum forces, crushing a Castellax and a Magos, and severly damaging several other constructs!

The Iron Warriors advance as the Imperialist Lightning flies by.

The Secessionist Knight Paladin and Lightning move on to destroy the last Leman Russ

The Warsmith is killed by the Thousand Sons Praetor as the Venator is destroyed by the Lightning.

The Dark Mechanicum constructs rage after the loss of their last cortex controller.  The Castellax tear apart the Typhon whilst the Thanatar target their Imperialist allies' Lightning!  Mean while Iron Warriors advance into the central building alongside their Sundered Mechanicum allies.

Enraged at the sudden betrayal of their supposed allies the Imperialist Lightning blasts the Dark Mechanicum Knight Errant but only do minor damage, but managing to drive it from the field of battle.

Meanwhile the Sundered Mechanicum Knight Paladin crushes the last Leman Russ, which has proven to be a major annoyance during the battle.

As the battle ends most of the remaining Mechanicum forces hold their central building whilst the remains of the Legion forces retreat from the feild.  The Sundered Mechanicum have secured victory!

The Coniugatorii gazed over the battlefeild, the Legions' interference could hardly have worked more into his favour.  All of the Dark Mechanicum's command elements had been slain in the battle, and that would make further negotiations difficult, but their forces had fired upon their Imperialist allies, severely weakening their position.  If all continued this well the Martian Mechanicum would soon be whole once more...

Monday, March 30, 2015

Dissent in the ranks - Confrontation in the ruins of Plexis

Game 4 of our little side campaign about the heresy in the ranks of the Imperial Fists Legion. For a little background, have a look at this older battle reports.

Dissent in the ranks - A Heresy Era Battle Part 1 

Dissent in the ranks - A Heresy Era Battle Part 2

Dissent in the ranks - Supply grab Heresy Battle part 1

Dissent in the ranks - Supply grab Heresy Battle part 2

Dissent in the ranks - Wrath of Sigismund Part 1

Dissent in the ranks - Wrath of Sigismund Part 2


So now that you are up to speed, this is game 4 of our dissent and of course the future of the allegiance of the Imperial Fists Legion. This game was 2500pts, so was a very large game. As a consequence of that, this game did only go for 4 turns, due to time considerations. Still we managed to get all our full turns.

The Forces

Sigismund's Assault Force


Chaplain Akrida                                                                 
Crossius Arcanum (Power Maul)
Artificer Armour                                                               
Refractor Field                                                                  
Primaris Medicae Omni                                               
Terminator Armour                                                         
Storm Shield                                                                    
Solarite Power Glove                                                     
Legion Terminator Squad                                             
Thunder hammers                                                          
Storm Shields                                                                    
Legion Terminator Squad                                             
Storm Shields                                                                    
3 Thunder Hammers                                                       

Spartan Assault Tank                                                               
-Armoured Ceramite                                                      
Flare Shield                                                                         

Legion Tactical Squad (I)                                              
--> Rhino                                                                             
--> Extra Armour                                                              

Legion Tactical Squad (II)                                              
--> Rhino                                                                             
--> Extra Armour                                                              

Legion Heavy Support Squad                                      
6 Missile Launchers                                                         
+ 2 Marines                                                                        

Land Raider Proteus                                                       
-Armoured Ceramite                                                      
Land Raider Proteus                                                       
-Armoured Ceramite                                                      
Secessionist Forces

Legion Praetor
Solarite Power Gauntlet
Consul Master of the Fleet
Consul Librarian in Terminator Armour
Contemptor Dreadnought 
Multimelta, Dreadnought Close combat weapon
Contemptor Dreadnought 
Multimelta, Dreadnought Close combat weapon
Contemptor Dreadnought
2 Chainfists, 2 melta guns, Chassis Havoc Launcher
Legion Dreanought
Twin-linked Lascannon, Dreadnought Close combat weapon
Terminator Squad (10 man)
3 Thunder Hammers, Storm Shields
2 Chainfists
Assault Cannon
The rest with upgraded Power Fists
Legion Veteran Squad (I)
(sniper special rule)
Legion Veteran Squad (II)
Heavy Bolter, Meltagun (Fearless)
Legion Veteran squad (III)
Heavy Support Squad
5 Plasma Cannons
The Mission
For this game, we decided to do the mission cards thing again. It was good fun last time, and its great to have a fluid and dynamic set of objectives to obtain during the game. Plus I was looking forward to actually having some decent cards for this match.

Essentially Sigismund is forcing the Secessionists back, well into their territory. This game had big stakes, as the winner essentially had the sole ear of Rogal Dorn, and could take him in the next game. Sigismund was ready to dish out some justice and silence and heresy that would threaten his Primarch. Glory was just a bonus.
 With the forces set and me having failed to steal the initative. The seccessionist move forward.

 Secessionist Turn 1
The Secessionist move forward, ready to take the fight to the Loyalists. They move up towards the objectives in middle field.
Some shots are fired, but they only succeed in causing some light damage to Tactical Squad I's Rhino. The fearless Veteran tactical squad runs to secure the objective on the right flank.

Loyalist Turn 1
 The loyalists take stock of the situation and attempt to knock out some of the incoming threats. The Land Raider 'Indomitable', unloads the devastator squad onto the objective, where they take a very quick aim at the incoming contemptor's. The rest of the Land Raiders and the Spartan, lock sights on the contemptors, inflicting 2 hull points at the end. No other shooting takes place.

Secessionist Turn 2
The Sececcionist still surge forward, claiming more objectives and scoring well on their objectives. More shooting takes place, and the Devastator squad is wiped out. First blood to the Secessionists! The contemptor's attempt to charge the Spartan, but they all fail to make the distance.

Loyalist Turn 2
Seeing the approaching threat, and hungry for blood, Sigismund and his squad disembark and assault into 2 of the enemy contemptors. The Spartan and the Land Raiders line up and take out the 3rd Contemptor.

Seeing the approaching Veteran marines, the Huscarls decide to go out and protect the objective. 
The squad fly into combat and manage to batter one contemptor down, and would the other. They don't destroy it, so thy are locked into combat.

Secessionist Turn 3
Most of the Secessionists move closer to Imperial lines, scrambling for some objectives. In a surprise assault, the Veteran marines assault and destroy tactical Squad's II Rhino. They disembark, ready for revenge. Sigismund as his squad manage to destroy the last contemptor.

Loyalist Turn 3
Sigismund and his squad line up to take out the Sniper Veteran Squad (blue). The land Raiders and Spartan line up to take out the Veteran Squad with the Warlord in it. tactical Squad I also moves into position to take some shots at the enemy warlord's squad. Shooting wise, the Spartan managed to kill enough marines to get some shots on the enemy Warlord and slay him. The Land Raiders both open up on the approaching Terminators and manage to kill 2.

The Terminator Huscarls and Tactical Squad II assault the Veteran squad on the right flank. I roll terrible, and lose the combat. The Terminators stays in the fight, though the Tactical Squad falls back (safely). What I thought was a sure thing, turned out to be very close to a total disaster. Its now up to the terminators to hang in there.

Sigismund and his squad assault into the Veteran marines and wipe them out to a man. He falls back in the face of Sigismund, and Sigismund consolidates to hold the objective. 
Secessionist Turn 4
The Terminator's surge forward towards the stricken Rhino. The Veteran Marines (yellow) on the left flank moves towards the objective right near the Spartan. The Terminators assault the Rhino and unsurprisingly remove its last hull point. It explodes killing a few more of my tactical marines.

Combat between the Terminator Huscarls and the veterans in the right flank finally go my way, with the Terminator's wiping them out. They then consolidate towards the enemy Terminators.

Loyalist Turn 4
Time was called for this turn, so this was my last turn to get some points. I was at this stage 2 points down, so needed to earn 3 for a win. The Huscarls move towards the objective in the middle of the field, just making it into range to capture it. The Land Raiders and Spartan and Tactical Squad I manage to wipe out the last 2 Veteran Marines, netting another point.

Sigismund and his squad assault the lone veteran marine (blue) and mange to kill him which also was the final point needed. 

So the final scores are:

Loyalists: 7

Secessionists: 6


A very close win for the Loyalists! I felt I had some sub par luck this game, but still, a little luck swung my way in the end to get those final points. The the whole game I was trailing in victory points, so I thought it was going to be difficult to equalize without some decent mission objectives to get bumped up.

So with the conclusion of this game, Sigismund ensures victory for the Imperial Fists. Dorn will now come into the next game on the side of the Imperialists, ready to dispense some of his own justice. The next game should be interesting, as it will be 1000pts, with me getting a 'free' Dorn, and my friend getting a 'free' squad of Traitor Ultramarines, that need to escape from a complex. We will be using the Space Hulk tiles to recreate the complex, and as such there will be no vehicles. So it should be interesting for me, as I do like my tanks!

Anyways, thanks for looking!