Friday, April 17, 2015

Martian Schism. The first battle.

The Coniugatorii would have been pleased, if he could still feel the sensation of pleasure, as both the Dark and Sundered Mechanicum had sent representitives to discuss the re-unification of Mars, or at least a cessation of hostilities.  The talks had progressed for several hours, that no one had shot anyone else yet demonstrated the providence of the Mechanicum's choice in soldiery, and were coming to a head when a sentry spotted movement at the outskirts of the ruins.   

The Sundered Mechanicum (left) meet with the Dark Mechanicum (right) whilst the Coniugatorii (centre) leads the negotiations.

The Imperialists soon arrive in the form of the Thousand Sons, Alpha Legion and Imperial Army.  

Shortly after the Iron Warriors arrive en masse from the oposite end of the ruins.  In true Iron Warriors fashion they was no time on formalities and offer both factions of the Mechanicum a non-aggression pact.  

The Imperialists quickly offer their own non-aggression pact to the Mechanicum.  The Imperialists and Secessionists open fire on one another, as the Mechanicum forces rush to better cover and firing positions.

Dark Mechanicum Thanatars arrive and obliterate the Iron Havocs lascannon squad.  Thus ruining any non-aggression pacts with the Iron Warriors.

The Iron Warriors move up into better positions and open fire, with less than sterling results.

The Sundered Mechanicum reinforcements arrive, like the Dark Mechanicum they happily ignore the offers of a non-aggression pact and set out to prove the supremacy of Mars.

The Thousand Sons Praetor engages the Iron Warriors Warsmith in a duel that continues for half the battle. Whilst the Venator sits there immobalised and out of position.

The Tanks of the Imperial army provide covering fire whilst the Alpha Legionnaires advance into the central building.

The Iron Warriors Land Raider surges forwards critically injuring a Thanatar, before it is attacked by a squad of Castellax.

The Dark Mechanicum Knight arrives at the rear of the Iron Warrior lines.

With the Dark Mechanicum attacking on all fronts the Iron Warriors reposition and open fire, killing the Dark Mechanicum warlord in the process!

The Sundered Mechanicum blast away at the Imperialists with the Krios Venator felling two Leman Russ battle tanks!

Sundered Mechanicum and Imperial Army Lightnings dogfight above the battle.

The Dark Mechanicum Knight Errant and Castellax go after the Land Raider whilst the Thanatar bombard Terminators to no avail.

In an effort to get away from the Knight the Typhon thunderblitzes the Dark Mechanicum forces, crushing a Castellax and a Magos, and severly damaging several other constructs!

The Iron Warriors advance as the Imperialist Lightning flies by.

The Secessionist Knight Paladin and Lightning move on to destroy the last Leman Russ

The Warsmith is killed by the Thousand Sons Praetor as the Venator is destroyed by the Lightning.

The Dark Mechanicum constructs rage after the loss of their last cortex controller.  The Castellax tear apart the Typhon whilst the Thanatar target their Imperialist allies' Lightning!  Mean while Iron Warriors advance into the central building alongside their Sundered Mechanicum allies.

Enraged at the sudden betrayal of their supposed allies the Imperialist Lightning blasts the Dark Mechanicum Knight Errant but only do minor damage, but managing to drive it from the field of battle.

Meanwhile the Sundered Mechanicum Knight Paladin crushes the last Leman Russ, which has proven to be a major annoyance during the battle.

As the battle ends most of the remaining Mechanicum forces hold their central building whilst the remains of the Legion forces retreat from the feild.  The Sundered Mechanicum have secured victory!

The Coniugatorii gazed over the battlefeild, the Legions' interference could hardly have worked more into his favour.  All of the Dark Mechanicum's command elements had been slain in the battle, and that would make further negotiations difficult, but their forces had fired upon their Imperialist allies, severely weakening their position.  If all continued this well the Martian Mechanicum would soon be whole once more...

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