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Dissent in the ranks - Confrontation in the ruins of Plexis

Game 4 of our little side campaign about the heresy in the ranks of the Imperial Fists Legion. For a little background, have a look at this older battle reports.

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So now that you are up to speed, this is game 4 of our dissent and of course the future of the allegiance of the Imperial Fists Legion. This game was 2500pts, so was a very large game. As a consequence of that, this game did only go for 4 turns, due to time considerations. Still we managed to get all our full turns.

The Forces

Sigismund's Assault Force


Chaplain Akrida                                                                 
Crossius Arcanum (Power Maul)
Artificer Armour                                                               
Refractor Field                                                                  
Primaris Medicae Omni                                               
Terminator Armour                                                         
Storm Shield                                                                    
Solarite Power Glove                                                     
Legion Terminator Squad                                             
Thunder hammers                                                          
Storm Shields                                                                    
Legion Terminator Squad                                             
Storm Shields                                                                    
3 Thunder Hammers                                                       

Spartan Assault Tank                                                               
-Armoured Ceramite                                                      
Flare Shield                                                                         

Legion Tactical Squad (I)                                              
--> Rhino                                                                             
--> Extra Armour                                                              

Legion Tactical Squad (II)                                              
--> Rhino                                                                             
--> Extra Armour                                                              

Legion Heavy Support Squad                                      
6 Missile Launchers                                                         
+ 2 Marines                                                                        

Land Raider Proteus                                                       
-Armoured Ceramite                                                      
Land Raider Proteus                                                       
-Armoured Ceramite                                                      
Secessionist Forces

Legion Praetor
Solarite Power Gauntlet
Consul Master of the Fleet
Consul Librarian in Terminator Armour
Contemptor Dreadnought 
Multimelta, Dreadnought Close combat weapon
Contemptor Dreadnought 
Multimelta, Dreadnought Close combat weapon
Contemptor Dreadnought
2 Chainfists, 2 melta guns, Chassis Havoc Launcher
Legion Dreanought
Twin-linked Lascannon, Dreadnought Close combat weapon
Terminator Squad (10 man)
3 Thunder Hammers, Storm Shields
2 Chainfists
Assault Cannon
The rest with upgraded Power Fists
Legion Veteran Squad (I)
(sniper special rule)
Legion Veteran Squad (II)
Heavy Bolter, Meltagun (Fearless)
Legion Veteran squad (III)
Heavy Support Squad
5 Plasma Cannons
The Mission
For this game, we decided to do the mission cards thing again. It was good fun last time, and its great to have a fluid and dynamic set of objectives to obtain during the game. Plus I was looking forward to actually having some decent cards for this match.

Essentially Sigismund is forcing the Secessionists back, well into their territory. This game had big stakes, as the winner essentially had the sole ear of Rogal Dorn, and could take him in the next game. Sigismund was ready to dish out some justice and silence and heresy that would threaten his Primarch. Glory was just a bonus.
 With the forces set and me having failed to steal the initative. The seccessionist move forward.

 Secessionist Turn 1
The Secessionist move forward, ready to take the fight to the Loyalists. They move up towards the objectives in middle field.
Some shots are fired, but they only succeed in causing some light damage to Tactical Squad I's Rhino. The fearless Veteran tactical squad runs to secure the objective on the right flank.

Loyalist Turn 1
 The loyalists take stock of the situation and attempt to knock out some of the incoming threats. The Land Raider 'Indomitable', unloads the devastator squad onto the objective, where they take a very quick aim at the incoming contemptor's. The rest of the Land Raiders and the Spartan, lock sights on the contemptors, inflicting 2 hull points at the end. No other shooting takes place.

Secessionist Turn 2
The Sececcionist still surge forward, claiming more objectives and scoring well on their objectives. More shooting takes place, and the Devastator squad is wiped out. First blood to the Secessionists! The contemptor's attempt to charge the Spartan, but they all fail to make the distance.

Loyalist Turn 2
Seeing the approaching threat, and hungry for blood, Sigismund and his squad disembark and assault into 2 of the enemy contemptors. The Spartan and the Land Raiders line up and take out the 3rd Contemptor.

Seeing the approaching Veteran marines, the Huscarls decide to go out and protect the objective. 
The squad fly into combat and manage to batter one contemptor down, and would the other. They don't destroy it, so thy are locked into combat.

Secessionist Turn 3
Most of the Secessionists move closer to Imperial lines, scrambling for some objectives. In a surprise assault, the Veteran marines assault and destroy tactical Squad's II Rhino. They disembark, ready for revenge. Sigismund as his squad manage to destroy the last contemptor.

Loyalist Turn 3
Sigismund and his squad line up to take out the Sniper Veteran Squad (blue). The land Raiders and Spartan line up to take out the Veteran Squad with the Warlord in it. tactical Squad I also moves into position to take some shots at the enemy warlord's squad. Shooting wise, the Spartan managed to kill enough marines to get some shots on the enemy Warlord and slay him. The Land Raiders both open up on the approaching Terminators and manage to kill 2.

The Terminator Huscarls and Tactical Squad II assault the Veteran squad on the right flank. I roll terrible, and lose the combat. The Terminators stays in the fight, though the Tactical Squad falls back (safely). What I thought was a sure thing, turned out to be very close to a total disaster. Its now up to the terminators to hang in there.

Sigismund and his squad assault into the Veteran marines and wipe them out to a man. He falls back in the face of Sigismund, and Sigismund consolidates to hold the objective. 
Secessionist Turn 4
The Terminator's surge forward towards the stricken Rhino. The Veteran Marines (yellow) on the left flank moves towards the objective right near the Spartan. The Terminators assault the Rhino and unsurprisingly remove its last hull point. It explodes killing a few more of my tactical marines.

Combat between the Terminator Huscarls and the veterans in the right flank finally go my way, with the Terminator's wiping them out. They then consolidate towards the enemy Terminators.

Loyalist Turn 4
Time was called for this turn, so this was my last turn to get some points. I was at this stage 2 points down, so needed to earn 3 for a win. The Huscarls move towards the objective in the middle of the field, just making it into range to capture it. The Land Raiders and Spartan and Tactical Squad I manage to wipe out the last 2 Veteran Marines, netting another point.

Sigismund and his squad assault the lone veteran marine (blue) and mange to kill him which also was the final point needed. 

So the final scores are:

Loyalists: 7

Secessionists: 6


A very close win for the Loyalists! I felt I had some sub par luck this game, but still, a little luck swung my way in the end to get those final points. The the whole game I was trailing in victory points, so I thought it was going to be difficult to equalize without some decent mission objectives to get bumped up.

So with the conclusion of this game, Sigismund ensures victory for the Imperial Fists. Dorn will now come into the next game on the side of the Imperialists, ready to dispense some of his own justice. The next game should be interesting, as it will be 1000pts, with me getting a 'free' Dorn, and my friend getting a 'free' squad of Traitor Ultramarines, that need to escape from a complex. We will be using the Space Hulk tiles to recreate the complex, and as such there will be no vehicles. So it should be interesting for me, as I do like my tanks!

Anyways, thanks for looking!


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