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Round 1 Results

At the end of each round I'll be putting up the results from that round so people can see where we are at, who is doing the best, etc.

Legio III; Emperor's Children; J4ck:
Games: 0
Warzone: Isstvan III

Legio V; White Scars; Snowman:

CP: 26
Games: 5
Warzone: Deliverance Lost
Notes: Khorne

Legio VI; Space Wolves; Shadowolf:

CP: 3
Games: 1
Warzone: Unassigned
Notes: Secondary Legion

Legio VII; Imperial Fists; Brothet Syth;
CP: 0
Games: 0
Warzone: Unassigned

Legio VIII; Night Lords; Scotsman:

CP: 20
Games: 4
Warzone: Unassigned
Notes: Nurgle

Legio IX; Blood Angels; Reevesc345:

Cp: 0
Games: 0
Warzone: Isstvan III
Notes: Unfavoured

Legio X; Iron Hands; Ironknight:
CP: 29 (fluff)
Games: 8
Warzone: Unassigned
Notes: Tzeentch

Legio X; Iron Hands; Frosthammer:
CP: 8
Games: 2
Warzone: Unassigned
Notes: Tzeentch; withdrawn until further notice

Legio XII; World Eaters; Teddles22:
CP: 9
Games: 3
Warzone: Isstvan III
Notes: Slaanesh

Legio XIII; Scions of Guilliman; Steelesamurai:
CP: 11
Games: 3
Warzones: Battle for Mars, Isstvan III
Notes: Warmaster

Legio XV; Thousand Sons; Sanguis:

CP: 30
Games: 8
Warzone: Battle for Mars

Legio XVI; Luna Wolves; Daexcitedginganinja:
Games: 0
Warzone: Isstvan III

Legio XVIII; Salamanders; Tiges:
CP: 27
Games: 6
Warzone: Unassigned
Notes: Paladin

Legio XIX: Raven Guard; Lastakodo:
CP: 19 (battle report)
Games: 5
Warzone: Deliverance Lost
Notes: Campaign Organiser; Unfavoured

Legio XX: Alpha Legion; Ratt:
CP: 21 (fluff)
Games: 5
Warzone: Battle for Mars
Notes: Paladin

Total number of games: 48
Average number of CP per game: 4.2

1st: Thousand Sons 30CP
2nd: Iron Hands (Ironknight) 29CP
3rd: Salamanders 27CP

Men of the Helean First

Colonel Curt Auteberry looked over the camp from his command tent. The Halean First Regiment, Blue Company, Blue Platoon had been sent out to investigate the reports of the forge-factories in the deserts of Mars, or to be more accurate, the reports that they had indeed been under attack from some of the Space Marine Legions. Auteberry sighed and signaled Lieutenant Fairbairn to join him. It was time to begin. Fairbairn rushed to the Lord Commissar's side.

"Colonel. Blue Squad, Red Squad, Heavy Weapons Teams Alpha and Beta, and of course, my Squad, are ready for deployment. Green Squad is currently tending to the security requirements of our camp. Heavy Weapons Teams Charlie, Delta and Echo and Special Weapons Squads Foxtrot and Golf are currently on downtime, resting for the night's Sentry duty. We await your command."

Auteberry nodded. "Send Squad Beta to our right flank, Alpha to our left. Take your Command Squad and Red Squad - set defensive positions here" Auteberry pointed to a spot on the map in front of him. "And I will take Blue Squad and make a move for our Primary Objective. If Report Two Zero Alpha is correct, Centurion Vinicius and Squad Balbus should meet us on the field. After you have secured the Primary, we will make a move for the Secondary Objective." Auteberry pointed to another location on the map.

"Sir." Fairbairn interrupted. "Begging pardon sir, who are Vinicius and Balbus?"

Auteberry looked up from the map and saw the look of confusion on the Lieutenant's face. "They are Marines of the Alpha Legion. General Banister has been in contact with the Alpha Legion, and believes that they have a similar mission to us. He personally ensured me that they will assist us to achieve our mission. Which, if all goes according to plan, will allow Red Squad to move upon the Tertiary Objective." Auteberry pointed at a third location on the map.

"Sir, are we expecting any resistance?"

"Reports indicate no less than four Legions, excluding the Alpha Legion, have been active in this region - The Thousand Sons, Night Lords, Salamanders and Raven Guard. We can of course expect to encounter a Mechanicum force if the report is correct. General Banister has declined to pass on any information as to who may or may not assist us in our mission. Centurion Vinicius will be providing the intel upon his arrival at the drop site. Now, unless there is anything else, it's time."

Fairbairn nodded. "Sir, I'll ready the men." He then saluted, and left the command tent, signalling his Squad Sergeant with a very obvious gesture indicating that his presence was required yesterday.

Sergeant Blake Hobster saluted. "Sir, are we ready to deploy sir?" Fairbairn nodded. "Very good sir." With that, Hobster whistled, gaining the attention of Sergeant Edison Michaels of Blue Squad, and Sergeant Beckett Vipond of Red Squad. Both men jogged over to where he and Fairbairn stood. Fairbairn relayed the orders the Lord Commissar had laid out. With that, Michaels and Vipond gathered their squads, whilst Hobster relayed the information to Squads Alpha and Beta. With that Blue Company set off on their Mission.

The Pursuit of Knowledge (part 1)

His search began on the edge of known space, a city long ruined by some unknown invader. Centurion Nevia looked once again to his companion, they had been friends once, long before. “thiiisss waay” came Seeker Matalio's psychic voice, as always a raspy hiss in his mind. They had been working together so long that he wasn't bothered by it any-more. “furrther into the ssity” Matalio said out loud, speaking this time to the battle brothers that stood in a perimeter around him. “the pssycchic sssignal leads furrther in” the battle hardened veteran next to him nodded and began calling orders, within a few moments a full squad had formed up around him. He spoke another two names and the other squads, less experienced but no less professional, began moving cautiously into the ruins ahead of them, in less than a minute the square was empty as the silent warriors continued after the elusive signal.

Far above them Iron Lord Heifestos Cratus looked grim. He stood imposing in the command section of his battle barge, his many subordinates bustling around him. Officially he was in this emperor forsaken system to hunt down some of the miserable outcasts known as the Raven Guard and much of his Clan was doing just that, but in truth he had come searching for a mysterious psychic signal. He looked back to the pict of the planet, the insignificant dust ball of Mallis, its inhabitants dead and gone for a 1000 years. He looked back at the tactical map and frowned. It appeared that the men he had sent to investigate the signal had been engaged. He would have to do something about that, he turned walking back to his grav chair thoughtfully. An absent wave of his hand summoned a Centurion from the edge of the room. “take your men to assist Nevia at once” he said as he sat down “his mission must succeed”

Nevia ducked instinctively as heavy bolter fire stuttered out across the abandoned city. He checked the positioning of his men and the direction of the fire then activated his vox “Sergeant Malaris, analysis of that fire?” he said to the leading sergeant
the vox hummed as Malaris replied in a unemotional monotone. “single stalker class sentry currently engaging us. two squads of ranged combatants definite moving to engage, probable additional combatants melee also moving to engage. Most likely direction of attack from them is the ruined building directly ahead. Feeding you the locations of the definitives now.” the second the report finished Nevia could hear the sounds of bolter fire from his vox. He considered the tactical data for a moment then began broadcasting rapid orders in Heifesian combat cant.

When Nevia awoke he was on a triage cot, in a room with grey metal walls and ceiling. He looked over and spotted a armoured apothecary in iron hands colours at work over another bed. As he got up a medical servitor moved over to him and extended out a screen. It displayed his new orders, that he was required to either consent to transfer to the immortals or to kill himself to erase the shame failing to achieve his objectives. the orders came from Iron Captain Zaus and were countersigned by Heifestos himself. Scrolled after that was a detailed report of the battle highlighting his failing's to counter assault the enemy flamer unit when it got within range, leaving a squad open to three simultaneous assaults and bunching his men up enough that his enemy could ambush him on two sides. Nevia was about to reach for his pistol, though whether to kill himself or the servitor he didn’t know when it beeped again and extended a scroll. He took it and was surprised to find that a single sentence was written on it. “Join the Immortals I still have uses for you” and then Heifestos's signature. He dropped the scroll, maybe there was still hope for him.
“My lord, we have found the source of the psychic signal. It appears to be a marker of some kind.”
Heifestos smiled “Lorekeeper Coeus is on his way. Secure the area and wait for him. Command out.” he said. He allowed himself a short moment of triumph and then opened a new vox channel to the lorekeeper. “Coeus, the marker has been found. Move immediately to examine it and report back to me, we have been on this world too long already.”
there was a bang through the vox and then it crackled to life “already in motion my lord.”

“Amazing, to all sensors it appears to be nothing but stone, but it radiates a psychic aura beyond anything I've ever seen” Coeus stood in front of the tall stone marker, all around him Iron Hands fortified the area. “Forgefather Promethi what do you think” he said looking at the imposing Iron Hand next to him.
“I've never seen anything like these carvings. The age analysis is impossible, literally. The machine is either showing yesterday or a trillion years. When I tried to take a sample to run through my system the servitor exploded. This is definitely not normal stone. Have you tried to psychically probe it yet?”
“not yet, I was waiting for the translation of the writing, which seeing as the cogitator we brought to do just that has been spouting gibberish for the last five minutes and has” he paused as the cogitator exploded in a shower of sparks “just exploded, I guess that wont be happening.” he sighed “well I best start before Heifestos voxes us again. He picked up his force staff and aimed it directly at the marker then closed his eyes and stretched out his mind through the conduit of the staff.

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The Crimson Sands (Martian Rebellions Battle Report)

The abandoned way station of Sigma Prime had sat isolated and largely forgotten in the vast wastelands of Mars for nearly 300 years.  Although out of the way of the larger Manufactora smaller Forges lay in relatively close proximity.  When the prohibition on forbidden technology was lifted by the Emperor, those elements of the Mechanicum that defied his will, the so called Sundered Mechanicum, began hording what forbidden technoarcana they could in sites like Sigma Prime.  The increased activity of the various Legions that had so suddenly sent small forces to the red planet soon turned these sites into veritable battlefieds as the legionnaires sought materiel for their Legions.

Sigma Prime saw the Thousand Sons, Night Lords and Raven Guard face off against the Sundered Mechanicum, Salamanders, Imperial Army and elements of the Alpha Legion.
The two sides swiftly began to advance on one another whilst the Imperial Army shored up their defensive position.  Night Lords advanced into the firepower of the Salamanders on the left flank.  The Raven Guard clashed with the Mechanicum forces around the central building.  Meanwhile the Thousands Sons were thrown back by the massed firepower of the ensconced Imperial Army troopers on the right flank.

On the left flank the Night Lords and Raven Guard Contemptors advance against the Dragon Revenant Cassian Dracos, in the hope that their combined might would bring him down.

 The Salamanders, under the stern gaze of Imperial statuary, rain death on the Night Lords as they advance on the far left.
After destroying a sizable unit of Thalaxii and topping it off with taking down 2 Castelax, the Raven Guard run rampant through the Mechanicum lines.
On the right flank the Thousand Sons hit the Alpha Legion and Imperial Army lines and are swiftly repelled, except for their commander.
The combined might of the two contemptors manages to tear the arm off of Cassian Dracos for only minor damage in return.
Things look grim for the right flank with only the Thousand Sons commander left in the fight.  He reaps a bloody tool before eventually succumbing to his wounds.
The Contemptors both heavily damaged finally lay Cassian Dracos low and move on to confront new foes.
The Salamanders find themselves outflanked by the Night Lords commander as they move in to finish off the Night Lords marines.
After the Magos reduces the Raven Guard commander to molten slag the Raven Guard assault quickly falters and then fails.  The Mechanicum have made their counter attack, but is it too late?
Confident the building is secure the Imperial Army and Alpha Legion move out to secure more vital objectives.  Although the left flank has fallen, the right holds strong.  The game hinges on the counter attack in the centre.
 The Raven Guard Contemptor Heads to the centre to stop the Mechanicum counter thrust.
The Night Lords Contemptor crushes the last of the Salamander resistance on the left flank.
After smashing aside all remaining resistance the two Contemptors converge on the hapless Imperial soldiers and whilst the Contemptors clear the centre the cost becomes all too apparent.  Both sides are gutted and the few survivors retreat to safer ground to tend their wounded.  The few surviving warriors of the forces fighting with the Sundered Mechanicum make off with the forbidden treasures they sought.  Leaving Sigma Prime and the secrets it once held to be swallowed once more by the crimson sands.

Victory to the combined force of Salamanders, Mechanicum, Imperial Army/Alpha Legion!
 please note some stuff isn't really covered as these are all the photos that turned out any good.

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Cometh the Red Angel 3rd August

Sunday the 3rd of August will see our first multiplayer game for the Secession!  We will be playing "Cometh the Red Angel" found in Horus Heresy Book I "Betrayal" on page 158-9, with some alterations.

Please note that only the following Legions (all of which are Secessionists) are actually present on Isstvan III: Scions of Guilliman, Blood Angels, World Eaters, Emperor's Children, Luna Wolves.  Given that we want everyone involved and a truly massive game we are obviously going to have all the Legions we can present.  As such players must decide if they represent a Imperialist or Secessionist part of one of the Legions present.  This choice has nothing to do with which side your Legion is actually on, unless you are fielding a Primarch in which case you must be on the Secessionist side.

On to the Scenario

 Players may choose to use an Unbound army or use any of the Age of Darkness Force Organisation Charts.  If a player wishes to use a Rite of War they must use the Age of Darkness Force Org. Chart.

  Secessionist players have 3,500 points to spend on their armies.  All normal buying criteria apply with the following exceptions:
-No fortifications may be taken
-Any player that cannot spend 3,500 points may give their left over points to any other player on the same side.

  Imperialist players have 2,500 points to spend on their armies.  All normal buying criteria apply with the following exceptions:
-At least 1 Imperialist player per 6'x6' (see battlefield below) must purchase fortifications.
-No Primarchs may be taken
-No flyers or Drop Pods May be taken.
-No Titans larger than a Knight Titan may be taken.
-Any player that cannot spend 2,500 points may give their left over points to any other player on the same side.

The game will be played on 1 6'x6' board per 4 players (to a max of 3 6'x6's).  All the boards will be linked together into one 6'/12'/18'x6' table.  I will set up all the terrain initially, but the Imperialists will be given some time to rearrange the terrain how ever they please. Due to the way deployment will be handled each 6'x4' will be referred to as a "Board" and the whole length will be the "Table"

  Warlords: Before deployment each player picks a single warlord from any eligible model in their army or armies.
  Imperialist players deploy their whole armies first.  They may deploy anywhere on any of the Boards that isn't within 6" of the edge of that Board edge.  Imperialists may not hold any units in reserve, the Scout, Infiltrate and Outflank special rules are all ignored .
  Secessionist players each nominate a long Board edge or short Table edge.  All of that player's non-Deep Striking reserves come on from that board edge.  Players do not deploy any forces on the table.  Instead the army deploys via Deep Strike or moves on from that player's table edge on turn 1.  Models with Scout, Infiltrate or Outflank special rules may deploy within 6" of any Board edge, that isn't also a Table edge.  These units still may not charge in their first turn.

First Turn and Game Length
Secessionists get first turn.  Imperialists may not seize the initiative.  The game uses the rules for variable game length.

Victory Conditions
Each enemy unit that is completely destroyed, falling back at the end of the game or off the table is worth 1VP, Super Heavies (including superheavy fortifications) are worth their Hullpoints/3 in VP if destroyed.
  Slay The Warlord: Loyalist warlords are worth 2VP if slain.  Imperialist Warlords are worth 1VP.  This is in addition to the VP from the Primary mission.
  God-Killer: Secessionists gain 1VP for each Primarch still alive at the end of the game.  Imperialists gain 4VP for each Primarch slain.  Note this is in addition to the points for the Primary and Slay the warlord.
  Unbowed and Unbroken:  If the Imperialists have a greater number of units than the Secessionists at the end of the game they gain a number of VPs equal to the number of Secessionist players.

Mission Special rules
Deadly Atmosphere;  All armour saves (not invul or cover) of  '6' must be rerolled.  All armour penetration rolls of '1' must be rerolled.
Lines of Retreat:  Secessionists retreat to their nominated board edge.  Imperialists retreat to the nearest board edge.
Dug-in:  Imperialists may take up to three Fortification choices rather than the normal one per Primary detachment
Orbital Assault:
 Any Secessionist Infantry, Jump Infantry, or Walkers in reserve may arrive via Deepstirke.  If a unit already has the Deepstrike rule (unless it is from a drop pod) the unit may assault on the turn it Deep Strikes.

Campaign Special Rules
CP will be tracked differently for this scenario.

Playing the game: 6CP
Being on the winning side: 3CP
Killing a Primarch: 1CP
Killing a Super Heavy: 1CP
Memorable Moments: bonus CP   

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Some pics from the first day of fighting

We kicked the campaign off with the Martian Rebellions, a two week (re)introduction to 40k and the Legion rules played at 750pts.  Warbands of Raven Guard, Thousand Sons, Night Lords, Scions of Guilliman, Salamanders, World Eaters and no less than 2 clans of Iron Warriors came to blows trying to secure war materiel for their respective legions.

A decent turn out for the first day of fighting (people not in the campaign have been blurred out) with 8 of our players smashing face and drawing plenty of onlookers.

Command elements of the Scions of Guilliman survey the battlefield

The Raven Guard launch a surprise attack on the Heifesian Iron Hands.

 The Barasian Order of the Iron Hands attack the Salamanders

A rapid strike force of Thousand Sons

A night Lords Contemptor advances on its next victim

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Legion in Review- J4ck's Emperor's Chlidren

Legions in Review is where I will put up the pics of various players armies to show them off to one and all.  As the campaign progresses I will try to get pics of all the player's armies up here (Legion or no) so we have plenty of pretties to look at and drool over.

So first up we have:

Legio II The Emperor's Children

A quick group shot of the army so far. 
Praetor in Terminator Armour
Legion Champion 
3x 5 Legion Terminators
9 Legion Veteran Tactical Marines

The Praetor faces down a hapless Ork Nob

Left to right:
Legion Champion, Praetor and Moritat.

The Moritat lines up his next victim.

Emperor's Children Terminators move through a clearing in the dense jungle.

Masters of the Unification Directive

For those who remember Ratt ran a small 500pt mini campaign called the Unification Directive between the Great Crusade and Betrayal eras.  Ratt and I had discussed the winner gaining a bonus in the Betrayal era.  Sadly I had totally forgotten about this until I was reminded about a week ago.

Tiges' Salamanders gain a 15% points increase to all* games in the Betrayal era.

Tiges' 500pt Unification Directive army.

*I mean all games
In the Martian Rebellion he will have 863pts
Standard Games he will have 2875pts
In the Isstvan III Legendary games he will have 3450pts

Void War

Wars in the 31st Millennium are fought in all manner of unbearable conditions.  Possibly the worst of which are those battles in space, on battlefields with little to no atmosphere or gravity, where event the most minor of attacks can spell certain doom.  Whether on the hull of a space craft, through a breach in its hull, on an orbital platform or a small asteroid base void battles are by far the most dangerous theaters a battle can take place in.

Void War is a minor set of adjustments to regular games fought in the Secession to help mix games up a bit and to provide an extra dimension into the game.  The core rules should always be used for Void War games, with players agreeing to use any Additional rules they like.

Core rules
All weapons in a void war have the Rending special rule.  Any weapon that already has the Rending special rule will instead Rend on a 5+.  Models with hardened armour or a 2+ save are unaffected by this rule.

All blast weapons also gain the Pinning special rule.  Any weapon that already has the pinning special rule gives a -1 to the pinning check.

All Difficult terrain will also count as Dangerous terrain as well.

Additional rules
Exploding Terrain
Any cover saves taken that result in a '1' cause an extra D3 AP- auto wounds.  Representing the added danger of shrapnel in space.

Airless Void
Any model without a helmet has its Sv reduced by 1.

Faster Run
All models may run an extra D6" (so roll 2d6 and add them together), if any dice on a run comes up as a '1' then all the models in the squad must make an armour save, vehicles take a glancing hit.

Open to the Void
Have areas of the table be Impassible terrain to reflect that there is no ground there.  Skimmers, Flyers, Jetbikes, Jump troops and Jetpack troops may traverse it as normal (no dangerous terrain test needed).

Passages of Death
Due to how little of a table Space Hulk corridors cover treat all of them as open ground, with the gaps being Impassible (ignore penalties for Jump, Jetpack, Jetbikes or Skimmers) and all LoS is unblocked.  However each room or corridor section that a shooting attack, or witchfire psychic power, passes through gives +2 to a models cover save.

Extermination also has some nifty Void Battle rules for Zone Mortalis games.

 Horus Heresy: Shadows of Treachery cover.

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7th Edition and the Secession

This post will act as a rough FAQ for how 40k 7th ed and the Horus Heresy rules overlap. So feel free to post here any questions you have regarding the new rules and the campaign. You are welcome to suggest answers to your questions but don't get disappointed if I don't use them.


Q: Can I take an Unbound army?
A: Yes, but you need to forewarn your opponent that you will be doing so. I would also recommend giving them a general idea of the theme of your force so they can prepare somewhat (no one will enjoy taking on a pure landraider army with an anti-infantry force etc).

Q: What Command Benefits do the "Battle is in the Age of Darkness Force Organisation Charts" get?
A:No command Benefits are used in the Secession.

Q: What rules are we using for Super Heavy Vehicles, D weapons and Apocalyptic Blasts?
A: in normal games use the rules as presented in the 7th edition rulebook, in Apocalypse games use the rules as found in the Apocalypse supplement. Alternatively use the optional rules for D weapons found in Legiones Astartes Crusade Army List book.

Q: Which psykers can take Daemonolgy (Sanctic or Malific)?
A: During the Betrayal, Eradication and Masscre Eras only models with 'Burning Lore' can use Daemonology (either).  This is currently limited to Psykers with the Legiones Astartes (Word Bearers) or Legiones Astartes (Thousand Sons) special rules, or Imperialis Militia/Cults Rogue Psykers.

Q: What happens if a model suffers Instant Death from an attack with the Deflagerate rule?
A: The target unit suffers an additional number of hits equal to the number of wounds the character had remaining.

Legiones Astartes Thousand Sons

The Thousand Sons are one of the Legions hit hardest by the lack of their Legiones Astartes rule, given that it will probably give them all of their sorcery.  On that note here are some rules to allow thousand sons to have some psychic fun.  Once Forgeworld makes the actual Legiones Astartes (Thousand Sons) this rule will become obselete.

Legiones Astartes (Thousand Sons)
All units with  Legiones Astartes (Thousand Sons) are Stubborn.

Any unit may replace Stubborn with the Brotherhood of Psykers (mastery level 1) rule for 10pts per unit. 

Independent Characters (except Consuls) may replace Stubborn with the Psyker rule for free.  Psykers must buy up to 2 mastery levels for 15pts each.  Any psyker may purchase a Force weapon for 25pts.

Thousand Sons Librarians may replace Stubborn with a 1 Mastery Level for free, this allows them to go to Mastery Level 3.

Thousand Sons Psykers and Brotherhood of Psykers may choose from the Telekinesis, Pyromancy or Divination disciplines.

Any model with the Psyker or Brotherhood of Psykers rule counts as a Psyker for the purposes of the Edict of Nikaea and as such should be declared as a restricted unit. 

The Burning Lore and Brotherhood of Sorcerers
The Thousand Sons whilst having a greater understanding of the mysteries of the warp than almost anyone else in the Imperium are still somewhat limited in their knowledge.  As such they tread down a dark path in some cases knowingly, in others unwittingly.  Instead of taking the rules as given above Thousand Sons may use the rules below.  This can be decided on a unit by unit basis.
Any unit may replace Stubborn with the Brotherhood of Sorcerers (Mastery Level 1) rule for 10pts per unit.

Independent Characters (except Consuls) may replace Stubborn with the Burning Lore rule for free.  Models with Burning Lore are Psykers and must buy up to 2 mastery levels for 15pts each.  Any psyker may purchase a Force weapon for 25pts.

Thousand Sons Librarians may replace Stubborn with Burning Lore and get 1 Mastery Level for free, this allows them to go to Mastery Level 3.

Thousand Sons with Burning Lore and Brotherhood of Sorcerers may choose from the Telepathy, Biomancy or Daemonology (sanctic or maelific) disciplines.

Any model with the Burning Lore or Brotherhood of Sorcerers rule does not count as a Psyker for the purposes of the Edict of Nikaea, however they such should still be be declared as a restricted unit. 

Unfortunately I don't know to whom the credit for this image goes, please let me know if you know.

Posting Game Results and Campaign Points

Each game has a certain amount of information that players will need to keep a record of.  The campaign will be split into a series of rounds with each round being 2 weeks long.  Results are to be posted on the Notenoughorks forum.  Each results' thread will have a summary of the results so far and will explain how players earn points.

Players are welcome to put up fluff, battle reports and pictures about their games and exploits on either the blog (just ask me for posting rights) or on the forums.  Not in the results threads though.

Player Name; Legion; Victory, Draw or Loss:
Opponent Name; Legion; Victory, Draw or Loss:
Restricted Units*:

*Restricted Units are units that have some restriction upon them, these include but are not limited to:
-Psykers (except White Scars Stormseers, Space Wolf Rune Priests, Astropaths and models with Burning Lore).  Even Secessionist players should note if they use psykers.
-Cult units for Iron Hands, White Scars, Night Lords and World Eaters.
-Scions Emissary Squad
-Some players will also have specific units that they are required to take or are restricted from taking or opponents they are restricted from fighting.  Players will be notified on a case by case basis where this is appropriate.

Campaign Points (CP)

 Players will earn campaign points during the campaign to track overall success in various warzones, who is the bestest and other such nonsense.  Campaign Points are typically achieved through victory in battle but there are additional circumstances that will grant bonus points.

Points break down:
-Legion Victory: 2CP
-Fighting in the correct warzone: 2CP
-Battle Report 1CP
-Fluff 1CP (At least 1 paragraph. It doesn't have to relate to specific games and I would like a chance to vet it first.  Max 1pt per round)
-Playing as Xenos 1CP*
-Any Legions playing against Xenos or an Isstvan III mission 1CP**
-game played at TGA or Northern Gamers 1CP
-play a multiplayer game: 2CP
-win a multiplayer game: 1CP

Xenos in this instance includes the following armies:  Adeptus Mechanicus, Imperial Army (using the Astra Militarum codex), Chaos Daemons, Eldar, Dark Eldar, Orks, Necrons, Tau Empire and Tyranids.  The army may not have a Legion ally.  Games vs Xenos are never played in a warzone.

*A Legion player that plays a game as a Xenos army gets a flat 1CP (they cannot gain bonus points for any reason). A player cannot score more CP playing as Xenos than the number of games they played as their Legion in a round.  eg. 3 games as xenos gives you 3CP, but if you only play  2 games as your Legion then you can only claim 2CP.

** Any Legion can play against a Xenos army or play one of the Isstvan III missions from Betrayal to gain bonus points.  If you play an Isstvan III mission your warzone is automatically Isstvan III.

Legions, Allies and Players (Betrayal Era)

This post is to get all the information together in the one spot, so we will have which Legions are what, where, who is playing them and who they will ally with.
Please note that "Player" refers to the player who has declared for that Legion, people are free to play any Legion they like.  
*An asterisk denotes the primary player of a Legion
A name in brackets is a player who may or may not still be in the campaign
Loyalty Player Warzone Other
Dark Angels Imperialist Shadowolf


Emperor's Children Secessionist J4ck Isstvan III

Iron Warriors Secessionist Onyx Battle for Mars

White Scars Imperialist Snowman Deliverance Lost Khorne
Space Wolves Secessionist

Imperial Fists Imperialist
Brother Syth*
Lord Pants

Night Lords Imperialist Scotsman

Blood Angels Secessionist (Callum) Isstvan III Unfavoured

Iron Hands Imperialist Frosthammer*

World Eaters Secessionist Teddles22 Isstvan III Slaanesh
Scions of Guilliman Secessionist Steelesamurai Isstvan III
Battle for Mars

Death Guard Secessionist

Thousand Sons Imperialist Sanguis Battle for Mars

Luna Wolves Secessionist (Daexcitedginganinja) Isstvan III

Word Bearers Imperialist

Salamanders Imperialist Tiges


Raven Guard Secessionist Lastakodo Deliverance Lost Unfavoured

Alpha Legion Imperialist Ratt Battle for Mars Paladin