Saturday, July 26, 2014

Men of the Helean First

Colonel Curt Auteberry looked over the camp from his command tent. The Halean First Regiment, Blue Company, Blue Platoon had been sent out to investigate the reports of the forge-factories in the deserts of Mars, or to be more accurate, the reports that they had indeed been under attack from some of the Space Marine Legions. Auteberry sighed and signaled Lieutenant Fairbairn to join him. It was time to begin. Fairbairn rushed to the Lord Commissar's side.

"Colonel. Blue Squad, Red Squad, Heavy Weapons Teams Alpha and Beta, and of course, my Squad, are ready for deployment. Green Squad is currently tending to the security requirements of our camp. Heavy Weapons Teams Charlie, Delta and Echo and Special Weapons Squads Foxtrot and Golf are currently on downtime, resting for the night's Sentry duty. We await your command."

Auteberry nodded. "Send Squad Beta to our right flank, Alpha to our left. Take your Command Squad and Red Squad - set defensive positions here" Auteberry pointed to a spot on the map in front of him. "And I will take Blue Squad and make a move for our Primary Objective. If Report Two Zero Alpha is correct, Centurion Vinicius and Squad Balbus should meet us on the field. After you have secured the Primary, we will make a move for the Secondary Objective." Auteberry pointed to another location on the map.

"Sir." Fairbairn interrupted. "Begging pardon sir, who are Vinicius and Balbus?"

Auteberry looked up from the map and saw the look of confusion on the Lieutenant's face. "They are Marines of the Alpha Legion. General Banister has been in contact with the Alpha Legion, and believes that they have a similar mission to us. He personally ensured me that they will assist us to achieve our mission. Which, if all goes according to plan, will allow Red Squad to move upon the Tertiary Objective." Auteberry pointed at a third location on the map.

"Sir, are we expecting any resistance?"

"Reports indicate no less than four Legions, excluding the Alpha Legion, have been active in this region - The Thousand Sons, Night Lords, Salamanders and Raven Guard. We can of course expect to encounter a Mechanicum force if the report is correct. General Banister has declined to pass on any information as to who may or may not assist us in our mission. Centurion Vinicius will be providing the intel upon his arrival at the drop site. Now, unless there is anything else, it's time."

Fairbairn nodded. "Sir, I'll ready the men." He then saluted, and left the command tent, signalling his Squad Sergeant with a very obvious gesture indicating that his presence was required yesterday.

Sergeant Blake Hobster saluted. "Sir, are we ready to deploy sir?" Fairbairn nodded. "Very good sir." With that, Hobster whistled, gaining the attention of Sergeant Edison Michaels of Blue Squad, and Sergeant Beckett Vipond of Red Squad. Both men jogged over to where he and Fairbairn stood. Fairbairn relayed the orders the Lord Commissar had laid out. With that, Michaels and Vipond gathered their squads, whilst Hobster relayed the information to Squads Alpha and Beta. With that Blue Company set off on their Mission.

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