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Rules for the 1st Eradication Era

The following rules will apply to the Eradication Era as a whole.

Heroes & Villains and Badass Bolters

Legiones Astartes Thousand Sons

Scions of Guilliman Emissaries

Secession Allies Matrix

Rite of War: Thunderous Strike

7th edition and the Secession

The Army Lists players can choose from are:

Space Marine Legion Crusade Army List
-a player must pick one of the 18 Legions
-if your legion does not have a Legiones Astartes rule then they may choose Stubborn or Furious Charge

Taghmata Omnissiah Army List**
-you may also use the Legio Cybernetica and Ordo Reductor Lists

Questoris Knight Crusade Army List***

Solar Auxilia Crusade Army List

Imperialis Militia and Cults Army List

The following 40k Codices* can also be used (some might have some limits):

Chaos Daemons
-this isn't entirely relevant just yet, but this will be the source of all your Daemonic needs

Officio Assassinorum


Cult Mechanicus**

Imperial Knights***

*Codices may be removed from this list as and when FW does an equivalent army list.
**All of these are separate lists so will need to be taken as formations (which can be found in the Cult Mechanicus and Skitarii codices) or as allies to the other forces
***Knights may be freely mixed between these two lists, so the Imperial Knights may take a Lancer or a Questoris list could take a Gallant.  However formations, special rules, warlord traits, etc are unique to each list.  You will have to choose which list your army is chosen from.

Unbound Lists, Leviathan & Onslaught force org charts, Lords of War and Extreme Lists

Unbound lists are perfectly acceptable.  Please note you cannot take a Rite of War in an unbound list

  If you are using an Unbound list, the Leviathan or Onslaught force org charts or any Lords of War you must forewarn your opponent so that they have a chance to adjust their army to deal with the threat.  Preferably give them some idea of what they are facing too.

If your army list is heavily focused around a certain unit type that can be extremely difficult to deal with then you should forewarn your opponent so they can adjust their list appropriately.
Examples of this include (assuming a game of 3,000pts):
-3+ flyers
-3+ Front armour 13+ vehicles
-4+ units of "Marine Killers"
"Marine Killers" are units where every model is equipped with AP2/3 ranged weapons.  These would include:
-Support Squads with the following weapons: Plasmaguns and Meltaguns
-Heavy Support Squads with the following weapons: Plasma Cannon, Lascannon, Multimeltas or Missile Launchers
-Predators or Leman Russes where each tank had 3+ AP2/3 weapons
-Iron Warrior and Ultramarine Terminator squads where all troopers have Cyclone missile launchers
-any model with an AP2/3; 5" blast (or larger); and the Ignores cover special rule

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Legions, Players and Allies (Eradication era)

This post is to get all the information together in the one spot, so we will have which Legions are what, where, who is playing them and who they will ally with.

Please note that "Player" refers to the player who has declared for that Legion, people are free to play any Legion they like.

Warzones will be updated in the next few weeks.

*An asterisk denotes the primary player of a Legion

Loyalty Player Warzone Other
Dark Angels Imperialist Shadowolf*
Lion and Drake


Emperor's Children Secessionist Rob


Iron Warriors Secessionist Onyx Battle for Mars

White Scars Imperialist Snowman Deliverance Lost Khorne
Space Wolves Secessionist


Imperial Fists Imperialist
Brother Syth*
Lord Pants
Dissent in the Ranks

Night Lords Imperialist Scotsman Enter the Darkness

Blood Angels Secessionist


Iron Hands Imperialist Frosthammer*

Fall of the Iron Hands
World Eaters Secessionist Teddles22
Scions of Guilliman Secessionist Steelesamurai
Battle for Mars

Death Guard Secessionist Teddles22

Thousand Sons Imperialist Sanguis Battle for Mars

Luna Wolves Secessionist

Word Bearers Imperialist

Battle for Mars

Salamanders Imperialist Tiges Lion and the Drake


Raven Guard Secessionist Lastakodo Deliverance Lost Unfavoured



Alpha Legion

Martian Mechanicum




Battle for Mars

Battle for Mars
Battle for Mars


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The Ruins of Keltos Township

Here are the links to two great battle reports from Onyx's Iron Warriors and Frosthammer's Iron Hands.

I'm looking forward to see more of these fights!

 Iron Warriors perspective

Iron Hands perspective.

Summary of the Betrayal

What may have in another time been a most shocking and foul betrayal of trust, Guilliman the Warmaster cast aside what loyalty he had for the Emperor, Master of Mankind.  Instead all that could be heard was the mocking laughter of a thirsting god as the Warmaster beheld his terrible actions. 

Warmaster Guilliman had gathered close the allies he could be sure of, Horus of the Luna Wolves, Sanguinius of the recently sanctioned Blood Angels, Angron of the World Eaters and Fulgrim of the Emperor's Children. To these Primarchs he set forth his plans.  The Imperium it was clear had failed, having fallen into infighting and relgious zeal was quickly replacing logic and reason, the Emperor was unwilling or unable to do anything about it.  As such a new Empire would be built successor to the Imperium and built upon her original ideals. This new Empire would be Imperium Secundus and would be begun on a distant world known as Isstvan III. 

Image from Forge World's Horus Heresy Book 1 Betrayal.

Gathering their might the 5 Legions traveled to Isstvan III. A system that had recently turned against the failing Imperium, or the Dark Imperium as Guilliman's followers would term it. Sending down those warriors who's loyalty to the Warmaster may be in question, as the initial attack wave the Primarchs argued over the next phase of the battle plan. Guilliman knew what must be done, he could hardly leave a force with the combined might of 2 Legions at his back. Even if they would be effectively stranded on Isstvan III. Finally his brother primarchs convinced the Warmaster to do the unthinkable. With a heavy heart Guilliman gave the order do launch the bombardment to begin. None of this sat well with Angron who at the first opportunity warned the Legionnaires on the surface of what was coming.  As Guilliman learned of this, he could only give a wry smile. At least some of the Legionnaires would receive an honourable death. 

Angron's warning, although only moments before the bombardment struck was sufficient to allow the Legionnaires on the surface time to prepare. Over a hundred thousand marines died in an instant, and yet, as many survived that terrible betrayal. As the survivors clambered from their hiding spots they saw only the contrails of falling drop pods. At the very least they would have a chance for vengeance!

Many legends were made and broken on the scorched and blackened husk of a world that Isstvan III had become. The Secessionists suffered a terrible toll at the hands of the Imperialists but they were ultimately successful. Almost a quarter of a million Legionnaires had fallen on Isstvan III, the equivalent strength of two full Legions.  From this horrific event the Warmaster emerged more determined than ever to make the future worthy of the weight of the past.

Whatever response the Warmaster expected the Dark Imperium's to have, it is likely he never expected that there would be no response what so ever.  After Isstvan, Guilliman quickly secured those worlds owing fealty to him.  With the combined might of the Legions supporting the Warmaster brought almost the entirety of the Ultima Segmentum under the Warmaster's direct control.  Although Isstvan III had taken many months to finally and totally secure the Warmaster still had the chance to take control of the war.

The Imperium had meanwhile fallen further upon itself.  The self styled Paladins facing off against their brother Legions that were pursuing the extremes that the Legions were now permitted to follow under the Emperor's name.  The removal of sanctions placed upon the Mechanicum had split the organisation into two warring factions, aided by The Dark Imperium and Guilliman's Imperium Secundus alike.  A battle that was turning Mars into one of the most hotly contested worlds in the galaxy.  Finally the Khan, Magister Militum of the Imperium seems to have turned from the goal of preparing the Imperium for war against Guilliman in a personal quest for revenge against Corax and his Raven Guard. 

*Scions of Guilliman, World Eaters, Blood Angels, Luna Wolves and Emperor's Children Legions go to Isstvan III in order to purge their Legions of Warriors not dedicated to Guilliman's Imperium Secundus.
*The Secessionists are ultimately successful on Isstvan III where approximately 250,000 Legionnaires died.
*The Imperialist Paladins fought against the other Imperialist forces, reducing their ability to react to the Betrayal on Isstvan.
*The Martian Mechanicum continues its civil war aided by forces from both the Dark Imperium and Imperium Secundus
*The White Scars savagely attack the Raven Guard, where the naval battles swing in the Raven Guard's favour.
*Jagatai Khan primarch of the white Scars and Magister Militum forsakes his duties of preparing the Imperium against Guilliman's Treachery.

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Dissent in the ranks - Wrath of Sigismund Part 2

Here is the second part of the 2000pt battle between Sigismund and the Secessionist forces of the Imperial Fists. If you missed the first part, you can find it here.

Secessionist Turn 4
After the destruction of the last Contemptor and Legion Dreadnought, the rest of the forces make a run for the copse of trees towards the Imperial lines. A few Veteran marines from the lead squads take some accurate shots at the Imperialist Heavy Support squad, and do enough damage that they fail their morale and duck inside the building.

Imperialist Turn 4
The Spartan "Victory", rushes towards the last remnants and opens fire. The other Land Raiders move to draw beads on the approaching infantry. Tactical Squad II's Rhino moves in support of the Land Raider "Dauntless". The shots cause some casualties.
Secessionist Turn 5
Most of the forces of the Secessionists make it into the cover of the copse of woods, though with no available targets, they just bunker down.

Imperialist Turn 5
The Spartan and the Land Raider's move right up to the last of the forces, determined to reduce their numbers before the final assault commences. The Heavy Support squad in the building continue to flee towards safety, and Tactical Squad II's Rhino provides cover for the last members of the Heavy Support Squad.

The firepower of the Spartan and Land Raider's takes its toll.

Secessionist Turn 6
The enemy Praetor tries for a last ditch attack on the Spartan "Victory", however the undergrowth of the wood slows him and his last member of Veteran Squad III. They instead consolidate their position along with the Librarian and his last remnants into a last stand.

 Imperialist Turn 6
The Land Raider's and Spartan move up to finish them last forces. The Heavy Support Squad rallies and takes cover behind the old watch tower.
All the shooting was directed at the Veteran Squad II (blue squad), and manages to finish them off. The Librarian finally breaks and flees from the slaughter. Sigismund and the Huscarl's charge out of the Spartan "Victory" and get ready to assault the enemy Warlord and his last faithful marine. However the copse of trees again foils the efforts of those seeking to stride under its bough's and the assault falls short.

 End Game
That is the end game! A much bigger battle this one, though I was very pleased that all my forces (and that of my friend were all fully painted). So the end result was:

Imperialist: 10
Secessionist: 2
Victory to the Impeiralists! I think that having Sigismund in an assault vehicle meant that he got into the think of it very quickly (Turn 2), and he would have made it again into the combat on Turn 6 if I rolled average on the charge roll. Ahh well, never to mind. The next game is planned to be 2500pts, which is going to be a monster of a game.

Thanks for looking.


Dissent in the ranks - Wrath of Sigismund Part 1

Game 3 of out little side campaign set in the Heresy was played out recently. If you have no idea what is going on, here are some links to the other battles that have taken place.

Dissent in the ranks - A Heresy Era Battle Part 1 
Dissent in the ranks - A Heresy Era Battle Part 2
Dissent in the ranks - Supply grab Heresy Battle part 1
Dissent in the Ranks - Supply grab Heresy Battle part 2

Essentially it is a series of games set in an alternative 30k timeline, between the forces of Sigismund and Alexis Polux.  This game marked game 3 of our mini-campaign, pitting the torn forces of the Imperial Fists Legion and set at 2000 pts. 

Here are the lists. 
Sigismund's Force (2000pts)


Chaplain Akrida                                                                
Crossius Arcanum
Artificer Armour                                                              
Refractor Field                                                                  
Legion Terminator Squad (Cataphractii)                                            
Storm Shields                                                                    
3 Thunder Hammers                                                       
Spartan Assault Tank                                                                
Armoured Ceramite                                                      
Flare Shield                                                                         
Legion Tactical Squad (I)                                                
--> Rhino                                                                             
--> Extra Armour                                                              
Legion Tactical Squad (II)                                              
--> Rhino                                                                             
--> Extra Armour                                                              
Legion Heavy Support Squad                                      
6 Missile Launchers                                                         
+ 2 Marines                                                                        
Land Raider Proteus                                                       
-Armoured Ceramite                                                      
Land Raider Proteus                                                       
-Armoured Ceramite                                                      

Secessionist Forces

Legion Praetor
Solarite Power Gauntlet
Consul Master of the Fleet
Consul Librarian in Terminator Armour
Contemptor Dreadnought 
Multimelta, Dreadnought Close combat weapon
Contemptor Dreadnought 
Multimelta, Dreadnought Close combat weapon
Contemptor Dreadnought
2 Chainfists, 2 melta guns, Chassis Havoc Launcher
Legion Dreanought
Twin-linked Lascannon, Dreadnought Close combat weapon
Legion Veteran Squad (I)
(sniper special rule)
Legion Veteran Squad (II)
Heavy Bolter, Meltagun
Legion Veteran squad (III)

Heavy Support Squad
5 Plasma Cannons

The Mission
The mission for this game was blissfully simple. Kill them all, and try not to get wiped out too bad in the process. Sigismund, having well and truly enough of this Heresy in the ranks, seeks to expunge and wipe out all enemy forces. No mercy. With his mission set, the tanks lined up ready for battle (I lost the roll for deployment), only to be fired upon by the Secessionist forces lying in wait! (My friend also stole the initiative).
Imperial forces all deployed together in an armoured gauntlet.
The Secessionist forces split their forces in two, with the Heavy Support squad, Veteran Squad I and the Master of Signals on the bottom left, with the rest of the forces deployed on the upper side of the table.
The scene is set!

Secessionist Turn 1
 A devastating blast from the Legion Dreadnought commenced the attack of the traitors. The shot rang true and tactical Squads Rhino I was destroyed, even slaying 4 of the marines inside. The rest of the forces and contemptors moved forward, with a few running in order to close the gaps with the Imperial Forces. The Plasma Heavy Support squad fired upon the Imperialist Missile launchers in the old building, slaying the Sergeant. First blood to the Secessionists!
Imperialist Turn 1
With a deep rumble, the armoured might of Sigismund went forward. The Spartan "Victory", went as quick as it could towards the forces on the far left flank, determined to unleash Sigismund and his vengeance upon the forces there. The Land Raider's maneuvered to take aim at the approaching Contemptor's, and the remnants of Tactical Squad I embarked upon the Land Raider "Indomitable".
No shots rang out from the Spartan, as it was focused on speed. The Land Raiders and Missile launchers from the Heavy support Squad unleashed their fury on the approaching contemptor's, destroying one of them and causing some damage to another.
Secessionist Turn 2
Swarming over the fallen remains of the contemptor, the Secessionist Forces moved again with all haste toward the Imperial lines, eager to get to grips in short range fire fights.
The Master of Signal's, identifying the approaching Spartan as Sigismund's personal transport, leaves Veteran Squad I, and calls down a barrage onto the Heavy support unit in the building. Another 2 marines fall to the barrage and plasma cannon shots.

Imperialist Turn 2
The Land Raiders and Heavy support squad again unleash their payload against the approaching contemptors, destroying another one and critically damaging another.
The Spartan "Victory" unloads Sigismund, Akrida and the Terminators into the midst of the enemy positions. Sigismund sounds the charge and they crash into Veteran Squad I. All that could be reached were slain, though due to fearless, the two survivors fight on, and Sigismund and his squad close with the last members of the squad.

Secessionist Turn 3
The Master of Signals sees the carnage unleashed by Sigismund and his unit, and decides to relocate to other ground. The rest of their forces again move forward. The Legion Dreadnought successfully causes some damage to the Land Raider "Indomitable" though a glancing hit.

In the assault, Sigismund finishes off the last two members of Veteran Squad I, and the unit then consolidates towards the Spartan "Victory".

Imperialist Turn 3
Sigismund and the Terminators embark on the Spartan "Victory", leaving Akrida to deal with the last Plasma cannon marine. The Spartan then goes on the shoot the 'relocating' Master of Signals, killing him outright. The Land Raiders and the Heavy Support Squad fire again on the last contemptor and Legion Dreadnought, destroying both.
Akrida charges into assault and finishes off the last Plasma Cannon marine from the Heavy Support Squad. 

That marks the half way game. I will endeavour to get the last part up soon enough.

Thanks for looking!