Saturday, February 14, 2015

Dissent in the ranks - Wrath of Sigismund Part 2

Here is the second part of the 2000pt battle between Sigismund and the Secessionist forces of the Imperial Fists. If you missed the first part, you can find it here.

Secessionist Turn 4
After the destruction of the last Contemptor and Legion Dreadnought, the rest of the forces make a run for the copse of trees towards the Imperial lines. A few Veteran marines from the lead squads take some accurate shots at the Imperialist Heavy Support squad, and do enough damage that they fail their morale and duck inside the building.

Imperialist Turn 4
The Spartan "Victory", rushes towards the last remnants and opens fire. The other Land Raiders move to draw beads on the approaching infantry. Tactical Squad II's Rhino moves in support of the Land Raider "Dauntless". The shots cause some casualties.
Secessionist Turn 5
Most of the forces of the Secessionists make it into the cover of the copse of woods, though with no available targets, they just bunker down.

Imperialist Turn 5
The Spartan and the Land Raider's move right up to the last of the forces, determined to reduce their numbers before the final assault commences. The Heavy Support squad in the building continue to flee towards safety, and Tactical Squad II's Rhino provides cover for the last members of the Heavy Support Squad.

The firepower of the Spartan and Land Raider's takes its toll.

Secessionist Turn 6
The enemy Praetor tries for a last ditch attack on the Spartan "Victory", however the undergrowth of the wood slows him and his last member of Veteran Squad III. They instead consolidate their position along with the Librarian and his last remnants into a last stand.

 Imperialist Turn 6
The Land Raider's and Spartan move up to finish them last forces. The Heavy Support Squad rallies and takes cover behind the old watch tower.
All the shooting was directed at the Veteran Squad II (blue squad), and manages to finish them off. The Librarian finally breaks and flees from the slaughter. Sigismund and the Huscarl's charge out of the Spartan "Victory" and get ready to assault the enemy Warlord and his last faithful marine. However the copse of trees again foils the efforts of those seeking to stride under its bough's and the assault falls short.

 End Game
That is the end game! A much bigger battle this one, though I was very pleased that all my forces (and that of my friend were all fully painted). So the end result was:

Imperialist: 10
Secessionist: 2
Victory to the Impeiralists! I think that having Sigismund in an assault vehicle meant that he got into the think of it very quickly (Turn 2), and he would have made it again into the combat on Turn 6 if I rolled average on the charge roll. Ahh well, never to mind. The next game is planned to be 2500pts, which is going to be a monster of a game.

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