Sunday, February 22, 2015

Rules for the 1st Eradication Era

The following rules will apply to the Eradication Era as a whole.

Heroes & Villains and Badass Bolters

Legiones Astartes Thousand Sons

Scions of Guilliman Emissaries

Secession Allies Matrix

Rite of War: Thunderous Strike

7th edition and the Secession

The Army Lists players can choose from are:

Space Marine Legion Crusade Army List
-a player must pick one of the 18 Legions
-if your legion does not have a Legiones Astartes rule then they may choose Stubborn or Furious Charge

Taghmata Omnissiah Army List**
-you may also use the Legio Cybernetica and Ordo Reductor Lists

Questoris Knight Crusade Army List***

Solar Auxilia Crusade Army List

Imperialis Militia and Cults Army List

The following 40k Codices* can also be used (some might have some limits):

Chaos Daemons
-this isn't entirely relevant just yet, but this will be the source of all your Daemonic needs

Officio Assassinorum


Cult Mechanicus**

Imperial Knights***

*Codices may be removed from this list as and when FW does an equivalent army list.
**All of these are separate lists so will need to be taken as formations (which can be found in the Cult Mechanicus and Skitarii codices) or as allies to the other forces
***Knights may be freely mixed between these two lists, so the Imperial Knights may take a Lancer or a Questoris list could take a Gallant.  However formations, special rules, warlord traits, etc are unique to each list.  You will have to choose which list your army is chosen from.

Unbound Lists, Leviathan & Onslaught force org charts, Lords of War and Extreme Lists

Unbound lists are perfectly acceptable.  Please note you cannot take a Rite of War in an unbound list

  If you are using an Unbound list, the Leviathan or Onslaught force org charts or any Lords of War you must forewarn your opponent so that they have a chance to adjust their army to deal with the threat.  Preferably give them some idea of what they are facing too.

If your army list is heavily focused around a certain unit type that can be extremely difficult to deal with then you should forewarn your opponent so they can adjust their list appropriately.
Examples of this include (assuming a game of 3,000pts):
-3+ flyers
-3+ Front armour 13+ vehicles
-4+ units of "Marine Killers"
"Marine Killers" are units where every model is equipped with AP2/3 ranged weapons.  These would include:
-Support Squads with the following weapons: Plasmaguns and Meltaguns
-Heavy Support Squads with the following weapons: Plasma Cannon, Lascannon, Multimeltas or Missile Launchers
-Predators or Leman Russes where each tank had 3+ AP2/3 weapons
-Iron Warrior and Ultramarine Terminator squads where all troopers have Cyclone missile launchers
-any model with an AP2/3; 5" blast (or larger); and the Ignores cover special rule

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