Friday, July 18, 2014

Some pics from the first day of fighting

We kicked the campaign off with the Martian Rebellions, a two week (re)introduction to 40k and the Legion rules played at 750pts.  Warbands of Raven Guard, Thousand Sons, Night Lords, Scions of Guilliman, Salamanders, World Eaters and no less than 2 clans of Iron Warriors came to blows trying to secure war materiel for their respective legions.

A decent turn out for the first day of fighting (people not in the campaign have been blurred out) with 8 of our players smashing face and drawing plenty of onlookers.

Command elements of the Scions of Guilliman survey the battlefield

The Raven Guard launch a surprise attack on the Heifesian Iron Hands.

 The Barasian Order of the Iron Hands attack the Salamanders

A rapid strike force of Thousand Sons

A night Lords Contemptor advances on its next victim

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