Saturday, July 5, 2014

Posting Game Results and Campaign Points

Each game has a certain amount of information that players will need to keep a record of.  The campaign will be split into a series of rounds with each round being 2 weeks long.  Results are to be posted on the Notenoughorks forum.  Each results' thread will have a summary of the results so far and will explain how players earn points.

Players are welcome to put up fluff, battle reports and pictures about their games and exploits on either the blog (just ask me for posting rights) or on the forums.  Not in the results threads though.

Player Name; Legion; Victory, Draw or Loss:
Opponent Name; Legion; Victory, Draw or Loss:
Restricted Units*:

*Restricted Units are units that have some restriction upon them, these include but are not limited to:
-Psykers (except White Scars Stormseers, Space Wolf Rune Priests, Astropaths and models with Burning Lore).  Even Secessionist players should note if they use psykers.
-Cult units for Iron Hands, White Scars, Night Lords and World Eaters.
-Scions Emissary Squad
-Some players will also have specific units that they are required to take or are restricted from taking or opponents they are restricted from fighting.  Players will be notified on a case by case basis where this is appropriate.

Campaign Points (CP)

 Players will earn campaign points during the campaign to track overall success in various warzones, who is the bestest and other such nonsense.  Campaign Points are typically achieved through victory in battle but there are additional circumstances that will grant bonus points.

Points break down:
-Legion Victory: 2CP
-Fighting in the correct warzone: 2CP
-Battle Report 1CP
-Fluff 1CP (At least 1 paragraph. It doesn't have to relate to specific games and I would like a chance to vet it first.  Max 1pt per round)
-Playing as Xenos 1CP*
-Any Legions playing against Xenos or an Isstvan III mission 1CP**
-game played at TGA or Northern Gamers 1CP
-play a multiplayer game: 2CP
-win a multiplayer game: 1CP

Xenos in this instance includes the following armies:  Adeptus Mechanicus, Imperial Army (using the Astra Militarum codex), Chaos Daemons, Eldar, Dark Eldar, Orks, Necrons, Tau Empire and Tyranids.  The army may not have a Legion ally.  Games vs Xenos are never played in a warzone.

*A Legion player that plays a game as a Xenos army gets a flat 1CP (they cannot gain bonus points for any reason). A player cannot score more CP playing as Xenos than the number of games they played as their Legion in a round.  eg. 3 games as xenos gives you 3CP, but if you only play  2 games as your Legion then you can only claim 2CP.

** Any Legion can play against a Xenos army or play one of the Isstvan III missions from Betrayal to gain bonus points.  If you play an Isstvan III mission your warzone is automatically Isstvan III.

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