Saturday, July 19, 2014

Cometh the Red Angel 3rd August

Sunday the 3rd of August will see our first multiplayer game for the Secession!  We will be playing "Cometh the Red Angel" found in Horus Heresy Book I "Betrayal" on page 158-9, with some alterations.

Please note that only the following Legions (all of which are Secessionists) are actually present on Isstvan III: Scions of Guilliman, Blood Angels, World Eaters, Emperor's Children, Luna Wolves.  Given that we want everyone involved and a truly massive game we are obviously going to have all the Legions we can present.  As such players must decide if they represent a Imperialist or Secessionist part of one of the Legions present.  This choice has nothing to do with which side your Legion is actually on, unless you are fielding a Primarch in which case you must be on the Secessionist side.

On to the Scenario

 Players may choose to use an Unbound army or use any of the Age of Darkness Force Organisation Charts.  If a player wishes to use a Rite of War they must use the Age of Darkness Force Org. Chart.

  Secessionist players have 3,500 points to spend on their armies.  All normal buying criteria apply with the following exceptions:
-No fortifications may be taken
-Any player that cannot spend 3,500 points may give their left over points to any other player on the same side.

  Imperialist players have 2,500 points to spend on their armies.  All normal buying criteria apply with the following exceptions:
-At least 1 Imperialist player per 6'x6' (see battlefield below) must purchase fortifications.
-No Primarchs may be taken
-No flyers or Drop Pods May be taken.
-No Titans larger than a Knight Titan may be taken.
-Any player that cannot spend 2,500 points may give their left over points to any other player on the same side.

The game will be played on 1 6'x6' board per 4 players (to a max of 3 6'x6's).  All the boards will be linked together into one 6'/12'/18'x6' table.  I will set up all the terrain initially, but the Imperialists will be given some time to rearrange the terrain how ever they please. Due to the way deployment will be handled each 6'x4' will be referred to as a "Board" and the whole length will be the "Table"

  Warlords: Before deployment each player picks a single warlord from any eligible model in their army or armies.
  Imperialist players deploy their whole armies first.  They may deploy anywhere on any of the Boards that isn't within 6" of the edge of that Board edge.  Imperialists may not hold any units in reserve, the Scout, Infiltrate and Outflank special rules are all ignored .
  Secessionist players each nominate a long Board edge or short Table edge.  All of that player's non-Deep Striking reserves come on from that board edge.  Players do not deploy any forces on the table.  Instead the army deploys via Deep Strike or moves on from that player's table edge on turn 1.  Models with Scout, Infiltrate or Outflank special rules may deploy within 6" of any Board edge, that isn't also a Table edge.  These units still may not charge in their first turn.

First Turn and Game Length
Secessionists get first turn.  Imperialists may not seize the initiative.  The game uses the rules for variable game length.

Victory Conditions
Each enemy unit that is completely destroyed, falling back at the end of the game or off the table is worth 1VP, Super Heavies (including superheavy fortifications) are worth their Hullpoints/3 in VP if destroyed.
  Slay The Warlord: Loyalist warlords are worth 2VP if slain.  Imperialist Warlords are worth 1VP.  This is in addition to the VP from the Primary mission.
  God-Killer: Secessionists gain 1VP for each Primarch still alive at the end of the game.  Imperialists gain 4VP for each Primarch slain.  Note this is in addition to the points for the Primary and Slay the warlord.
  Unbowed and Unbroken:  If the Imperialists have a greater number of units than the Secessionists at the end of the game they gain a number of VPs equal to the number of Secessionist players.

Mission Special rules
Deadly Atmosphere;  All armour saves (not invul or cover) of  '6' must be rerolled.  All armour penetration rolls of '1' must be rerolled.
Lines of Retreat:  Secessionists retreat to their nominated board edge.  Imperialists retreat to the nearest board edge.
Dug-in:  Imperialists may take up to three Fortification choices rather than the normal one per Primary detachment
Orbital Assault:
 Any Secessionist Infantry, Jump Infantry, or Walkers in reserve may arrive via Deepstirke.  If a unit already has the Deepstrike rule (unless it is from a drop pod) the unit may assault on the turn it Deep Strikes.

Campaign Special Rules
CP will be tracked differently for this scenario.

Playing the game: 6CP
Being on the winning side: 3CP
Killing a Primarch: 1CP
Killing a Super Heavy: 1CP
Memorable Moments: bonus CP   


  1. Awesome scenario. I really want to go, so am trying to pull some strings to let me attend this cool event. Plus I still have never used my Edelweiss, despite it being fully painted for nearly 2 years now...

    1. Here's hoping you can make it!

      Which side would you look at being on Imperialist or Secessionist?