Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Crimson Sands (Martian Rebellions Battle Report)

The abandoned way station of Sigma Prime had sat isolated and largely forgotten in the vast wastelands of Mars for nearly 300 years.  Although out of the way of the larger Manufactora smaller Forges lay in relatively close proximity.  When the prohibition on forbidden technology was lifted by the Emperor, those elements of the Mechanicum that defied his will, the so called Sundered Mechanicum, began hording what forbidden technoarcana they could in sites like Sigma Prime.  The increased activity of the various Legions that had so suddenly sent small forces to the red planet soon turned these sites into veritable battlefieds as the legionnaires sought materiel for their Legions.

Sigma Prime saw the Thousand Sons, Night Lords and Raven Guard face off against the Sundered Mechanicum, Salamanders, Imperial Army and elements of the Alpha Legion.
The two sides swiftly began to advance on one another whilst the Imperial Army shored up their defensive position.  Night Lords advanced into the firepower of the Salamanders on the left flank.  The Raven Guard clashed with the Mechanicum forces around the central building.  Meanwhile the Thousands Sons were thrown back by the massed firepower of the ensconced Imperial Army troopers on the right flank.

On the left flank the Night Lords and Raven Guard Contemptors advance against the Dragon Revenant Cassian Dracos, in the hope that their combined might would bring him down.

 The Salamanders, under the stern gaze of Imperial statuary, rain death on the Night Lords as they advance on the far left.
After destroying a sizable unit of Thalaxii and topping it off with taking down 2 Castelax, the Raven Guard run rampant through the Mechanicum lines.
On the right flank the Thousand Sons hit the Alpha Legion and Imperial Army lines and are swiftly repelled, except for their commander.
The combined might of the two contemptors manages to tear the arm off of Cassian Dracos for only minor damage in return.
Things look grim for the right flank with only the Thousand Sons commander left in the fight.  He reaps a bloody tool before eventually succumbing to his wounds.
The Contemptors both heavily damaged finally lay Cassian Dracos low and move on to confront new foes.
The Salamanders find themselves outflanked by the Night Lords commander as they move in to finish off the Night Lords marines.
After the Magos reduces the Raven Guard commander to molten slag the Raven Guard assault quickly falters and then fails.  The Mechanicum have made their counter attack, but is it too late?
Confident the building is secure the Imperial Army and Alpha Legion move out to secure more vital objectives.  Although the left flank has fallen, the right holds strong.  The game hinges on the counter attack in the centre.
 The Raven Guard Contemptor Heads to the centre to stop the Mechanicum counter thrust.
The Night Lords Contemptor crushes the last of the Salamander resistance on the left flank.
After smashing aside all remaining resistance the two Contemptors converge on the hapless Imperial soldiers and whilst the Contemptors clear the centre the cost becomes all too apparent.  Both sides are gutted and the few survivors retreat to safer ground to tend their wounded.  The few surviving warriors of the forces fighting with the Sundered Mechanicum make off with the forbidden treasures they sought.  Leaving Sigma Prime and the secrets it once held to be swallowed once more by the crimson sands.

Victory to the combined force of Salamanders, Mechanicum, Imperial Army/Alpha Legion!
 please note some stuff isn't really covered as these are all the photos that turned out any good.

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