Monday, July 7, 2014

Legion in Review- J4ck's Emperor's Chlidren

Legions in Review is where I will put up the pics of various players armies to show them off to one and all.  As the campaign progresses I will try to get pics of all the player's armies up here (Legion or no) so we have plenty of pretties to look at and drool over.

So first up we have:

Legio II The Emperor's Children

A quick group shot of the army so far. 
Praetor in Terminator Armour
Legion Champion 
3x 5 Legion Terminators
9 Legion Veteran Tactical Marines

The Praetor faces down a hapless Ork Nob

Left to right:
Legion Champion, Praetor and Moritat.

The Moritat lines up his next victim.

Emperor's Children Terminators move through a clearing in the dense jungle.

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