Monday, April 27, 2015

Warzones of the Eradication Era

The Battle for Mars
The war for Mars rages on, the Mechanicum fighting for the sovereignty of Mars whilst the Legions fight for a vital staging point for further conquest and to secure munitions and materiel.  Ever more Legions are drawn to the struggle as the fate of the red planet, the Imperium and Imperium Secundus hang in the balance.

We also have the following mini-campaigns in effect:
The mini-campaign games do not effect the Battle for Mars map.

Dissent in the Ranks
The Imperial Fists civil war on their home world of Inwit

Deliverance Lost
The White Scars assault on the Raven Guard in an attempt to purge the legion, fought on Deliverance.

Fall of the Iron Hands
Following the Iron Hands on their descent into worship of Tzeentch.

Lion and the Drake.
The trials of two Legions with the strongest bond, the formation and collapse of the Paladin order

Between a Forge and a Hard Place.
Substantial forces of Iron Warriors and Iron Hands meet in one of the bloodiest conflicts of the Secession.

Enter the Darkness
Guilliman has tasked the Alpha Legion with the destruction of the Night Lords, a thousand skirmishes on a thousand worlds as each Legions seeks to tear the other apart.

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