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Rules of the 1st Eradication Era part 2

There seems to be a bit of confusion as to how we are handling Detachments so here is a run down of them.
Each Force Organisation Chart (such as the Battles in the Age of Darkness or Onslaught), Combined Arms Detachment or Formation (currently only found in 40k codices) is considered a Detachment.  You may make an army up of any number of Detachments from any number of sources.  However you must meet the "Compulsory" requirements for every Detachment.  Units only ever gain benefits from the Detachment they are bought as a part of. 
Some Force Organisation Charts (Battles in the Age of Darkness for example) include optional Fortifications, Lords of War and Allied detcahments.  Each time you take one of these Detachments you get access to one full set of these optional Detachments.

As an example I could take a Raven Guard, Battles in the age of Darkness Detachment with a HQ (required), 2 Troops (required) and an optional Lord of War (which cannot be more than 25% the army points value).  I could then take a second detachment in the form of a Skitarii Maniple adding 2 Troops (required).  Lastly I add an Officio Assassinorum Detachment of 1 Assassin (required).

If you use an Unbound list, all restrictions are lifted with the exception of Unique models.  So you may spend any number of points on Lords of War, you may have any number of 1 per army type units (so long as they aren't unique) and you may draw from any combination of allowed sources.  However you cannot gain the benefits any Formations, Detachments or rites of War when using an Unbound list.

Rites of War
The normal restriction for taking only 1 Rite of War has been lifted.  Now each Detachment chosen using the Battles in the Age of Darkness Force Organisation Chart may follow its own Rite of War so long as there is a model with Master of the Legion in the army.  You may even have multiple different Legions in different detachments using their own Rites of War, be aware that many Rites of War do not allow allies or Legion allies before you try this. 
Notes about Master of the Legion
You may only have 1 Master of the Legion per 1,000 points
Primarchs have Master of the Legion

Scoring Units
We are using a slightly modified form of the Age of Darkness scoring rules.  In this rule set only Troops are scoring (this includes Troops in an Unbound list).  Dedicated transports are never scoring, and units in transports don't count as scoring whilst embarked on the transports.  The 7th Edition and the Secession post deals with Command Benefits. 

Lords of War- Price of Failure
Just a reminder of this rule.  All Lords of War are Secondary Objectives worth the following amount of points:
Engine of Destruction: a vehicle with 9+ HP
Great Beasts: a Gargantuan Creature with 9+W
 1VP per Vehicle/Creature
War Machine Detachment: 1-2 Super heavy vehicles of the same type with 8 or less HP each
Monstrous Horde: 1-2 Gargantuan Creatures of the same type with 8 or less W each
Sub-orbital Strike wing: 1-3 Flyers of the same type with 3 or less HP each

Destroyer weapons
I would recommend using the Age of Darkness Destroyer Weapons rule.  Especially given the increase in units that have them.  Make sure all players agree on which set of rules to use.

Destroyer Weapons are S10, Instant Death, Sunder and Ignores Cover.  In addition invulnerable saves must be rerolled.  Destroyer weapons cause D3+1 wounds per hit.  Each penetrating hit causes D3+1 HP and 1 roll on the Vehicle Damage Table.
 If no AP is given treat a Destroyer weapon as AP2*

Stomps:  If you are using the above Destroyer rule, then I suggest changing the '6' result to a Destroyer hit instead of a "remove from the table" hit.

Player Agreement
Players should feel free to use, ignore or make up any new rules they feel like.  So long as all players involved in the game understand what rules are being used and follow the same rules.

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