Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Rules of the 2nd Eradication Era (September 2015)

 Here are the new generic rules for this round of the Eradication Era.  These supersede previous rules changes.

Army Selection 
Army selection will now fall more directly in line with the Forge World Horus Heresy rules.  These rules only apply to games of 3,000pts or less, for larger games agree with your opponent how you wish to handle army selection
Force Organisation Charts 
Players should use the Battles in the Age of Darkness Force Organisation Chart (found in Betrayal pg.184; Massacre pg.166; Tempest pg.159; Crusade Army List pg.10).
Players may also use the Onslaught, Leviathan or Castellan Force Organisation Charts (Massacre pg.166-167; Crusade Army List pg.10-11).  Alternatively you may use an Unbound list.  In either of these instances double check that your opponent is happy to play against that list.
Rites of War
An army may only use a Rite of War if it is using the Battles in the Age of Darkness Force Organisation Chart.  A Primary Detachment may only take 1 Rite of War, Allied Detachments may take a Rite of War if they contain a model with the Master of the Legion special rule and if the allied force is worth atleast 1,000pts.
 Master of the Legion
Please note you may only have 1 Master of the Legion per 1,000pts.  All Praetors and Primarchs have the Master of the Legion Special Rule.
  Relics of the Dark Age of Technology
Only a Heroes or Villains may use Relics of the Dark Age of Technology if the Hero/Villain is removed as a Fatality then the Relic is lost to that player.  To regain use of that Relic they must win a Relic Hunt mission (Conquest pg.228).
  Scoring Units
The only units that count as scoring are Troops (not including Dedicated Transports or Troops mounted in a Dedicated Transport), models with a special rule conferring Scoring status to the unit (such as Implacable Advance), or models that gain Scoring status from a scenario's special rules.
All units count as Denial Units.
Army Lists
Any of the Army Lists presented in the Horus Heresy book series may be used, these are summarised below:

 Space Marine Legion Crusade Army List
-a player must pick one of the 18 Legions
-if your legion does not have a specific Legiones Astartes rule then they may choose Stubborn or Furious Charge

Taghmata Omnissiah Army List**
-you may also use the Legio Cybernetica and Ordo Reductor Lists

Questoris Knight Crusade Army List***

Solar Auxilia Crusade Army List

Imperialis Militia and Cults Army List

The following 40k Codices* can also be used (some might have some limits):

Chaos Daemons
-this isn't entirely relevant just yet, but this will be the source of all your Daemonic needs

Officio Assassinorum
-Each Assassin is bought as a single Elite slot in the Primary Detachment.

-If using a pure Skitarii list you may take a single Magos Prime as a HQ choice.  The Magos has the Doctrina Imperatives special rule and access to all equipment options from Codex Skitarii in addition to its normal options.  The Magos may not select a High Order of Technoarcana.

Cult Mechanicus**
-Canticles of the Omnissiah applies only to units chosen from the Cult Mechanicus list.

Imperial Knights***

*Codices may be removed from this list as and when FW does an equivalent army list.
**The Taghmata Omnissiah, Skitarii and Cult Mechanicus are all considered to be a single army list and may be freely chosen from.  No formations or alternate Force Organisation Charts may be used
***Knights may be freely mixed between these two lists, so the Imperial Knights may take a Lancer or a Questoris list could take a Gallant.  However special rules, warlord traits, etc are unique to each list.  You will have to choose which list your army is chosen from.  No formations from Codex Imperial Knights may be used.

Additional Rules
The following rules will also be in effect:
Heroes and Villains
Secession Allies Matrix 
Badass Bolters 
Legiones Astartes Thousand Sons
Rite of War: Thunderous Strike
Scions of Guilliman Emissaries
7th Edition and the Secession

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