Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Heroes and Villains

We will be using the Character Progression rules found in Conquest (pg.214-220) with some minor changes.

Each player can make up to 2 heroes/villains per force they play.  A force in this case is: any Legion(s) a player uses, the Mechanicum, Solar Auxilia, Imperialis Militia/Cults.  If one of a player's current Heroes or Villains becomes a Fatality then they may make a new one.

Players may field a maximum of 2 heroes/villains in any army of 4,000pts or less, unless otherwise stated in the Scenario. 

All Heroes and Villains progress must be tracked on the Not Enough Orks forum, as should the status of Lost Relics.  At the start/end of each sub-era all characters will be updated on the blog.

Creating a Hero/Villain
*Select a Non-Unique HQ Independent Character
*Select Wargear and Options for the character these can never be changed (except command units and dedicated transports)
*Select a Warlord Table and roll 3d6 (rerolling doubles) pick one of the results.  The character will use that warlord Trait from then on.
*add +20pts to the cost of the character
*Roll once on one of the Character Advancement Tables (Conquest pg.218)
*Name the character (appropriately) and give a short amount of background (2-3 sentences will do)
*Select which Warzone the Character is assigned to.

Relics of the Dark Age of Technology
Heroes or Villains may use Relics of the Dark Age of Technology.  If the Hero/Villain is removed as a Fatality then the Relic is lost to that player.  To regain use of that Relic they must win a Relic Hunt mission (Conquest pg.228).  Relics can be found in Conquest pg.223-227

Advancing Heroes and Villains
Each game played gains the character two advances if they win or one advance if they lose or draw.  For each advance pick one of the advancement tables below and roll a D6
Characteristic Increase
Command Advance
Morale Advance
Melee Advance
Movement Advance

Characteristic Increases must be accepted unless a character has reached the limit for that characteristic.  Other advances can be rerolled if a duplicate result is rolled.

After a battle you must roll to see what happens to any Heroes and Villains that are casualties.  The roll is modified as follows:
-1 if the character Fell Back off the table
-1 if the character was caught in a Sweeping Advance
-1 if the character was killed during a Tank Shock (including Death or Glory)
+1 if the character was killed in a Challenge
+1 if the killing blow had Instant Death
+1 if the killing blow had the Destroyer rule

Injury Table
D6  Result
1-2  Survived  The character suffers no lasting injury and can be used as normal
3     Shaken  -1Ld in the characters next game
4     Wounded -1 Wound in the character's next game  
5     Captured The character is captured by the enemy.  You must play a Liberation mission (Conquest pg 221) to free the character, not playing the Liberation mission or failing the mission results in the character becoming a Fatality*
6+   Fatality  The character being slain or so heavily wounded they must withdraw from the Warzone. They are removed from the campaign

Primarchs and Special Characters
Primarchs and Special Characters are assigned to warzones in the same manner as Heroes and Villains.  If a Legion is assigned to only one Warzone all of the Legion's Special Characters and Primarch are assumed to be at that warzone.
Primarchs may roll 2 dice and pick the lowest when rolling for injury.   If Special Characters or a Primarch are captured roll a dice on a 4+ they escape but will play their next game with -1 Wound and -1 Toughness.

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