Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Reinforcement - Battle for Mars phase 2

The war on Mars rages on. Vulkan has brought his Legion to reinforce those brothers that remained on Mars. The  Word Bearers, under Lorgar have assembled a colossal force to add to the struggle on Mars.

Each player's force is part of one of 3 factions:
The Imperialists
The Secessionists 
The Mechanicum

Assigned Forces
Thousand Sons (Scattered Legion)
Salamanders (Combat Ready)
Word Bearers (Combat Ready)
Ultramarines (Combat Ready)
Iron Warriors (Combat Ready)
Alpha Legion (Combat Ready)
Sundered Mechanicum (Unstoppable Horde)
Dark Mechanicum (Unstoppable Horde)

After winning a game the victor must pick one of the results below, roll a dice on a 3+ the result takes effect (all enemy or empty territories must be adjacent to a friendly territory):
Sabotage uncapture an enemy territory
Fortify build a structure on a friendly territory
Conquest capture an empty territory
Explore add an empty territory to the map
Overwhelm take an enemy territory*
* can only be chosen by an Unstoppable Horde

Structures owning players may make a 4+ save to stop an enemy from using Sabotage or Overwhelm against the territory with the structure.  Structures are destroyed when they are successfully Sabotaged or Overwhelmed.  In addition friendly or unclaimed territories adjacent to the structure have a 6+ save against Sabotage, Overwhelm or Conquest. 

Combat Effectiveness
Each player's force has a combat effectiveness that will affect their Victory
Combat Ready no bonuses or penalties
Scattered Legion +1 to Sabotage and Fortify; -1 to Expand (Structures only give a 5+ save to the territory with the structure on it)
Forces are Scattered Legions if they control less territory than the number of forces assigned to Mars, certain circumstances my also Scatter a Legion. 
Unstoppable Horde may choose to Overwhelm; -2 to Sabotage and Conquest
Forces are Unstoppable Hordes if their Faction controls 1/3 of the map and/or there are 6 forces assigned to Mars for that faction.
Off Worlders +1 to Explore; -1 Conquest and Fortify
Any force not assigned to Mars.

Should 2 players of the same faction fight one another then their faction will immediately lose 1 territory.  After this is resolved proceed through the normal Victory

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