Thursday, January 8, 2015

The Death of Gods and Angels

Raven Guard Veterans face off against Thousand Sons and Iron Hands

The blog returns!
Many pardons for the silence over the past few months.  The Secession has once again clawed its way towards the top of my to do list and as such will be seeing more regular updates! 

Since the game was a while ago I will just be popping up some pics and giving a general overview of the changes to the scenario we used and a very simple overview of the battles.

World Eaters Cataphractii launch an attack against the Salamanders

This game used a different set up to our usual multiplayer games.  We had 3 2v2 games (technically 2 2v2 and 1 3v2 games) all playing simultaneously.  When one game ended a player could bring a 500pt army to any game still in progress and continue to smash face on that table.

The Scenario required that both sides kill as much as possible whilst the Imperialists tried their damnedest to survive.

White Scars and Scions of Guilliman preparing to strike against The Iron Hands and Iron Warriors

The 3 tables we had saw Raven Guard and Alpha Legion (with their Imperial Army allies) facing down the Thousand Sons and Iron Hands; Iron Warriors and Iron Hands attacking White Scars and Scions of Guilliman; and World Eaters, Emperor's Children and Imperial Fists taking on Salamanders and Night Lords. 

Night Lords square off against Imperial Fists and Emperor's Children.

The Rest of the pics are just from the Raven Guard, Alpha Legion and the Halean First (Imperial Army) facing off against the Iron Warriors and Thousand Sons.

Early moves

The Imperialists took an absolute beating on all the tables except the Salamanders and Night Lords who butchered the Secessionists that came to wipe them out.

A target rich environment!

All 3 games ended in very quick succession with the Raven Guard, Alpha Legion vs Thousand Sons and Iron Hands lasting longest (because the Imperialists had 1 model left on the table!).

Secessionist air support causes havoc

The Imperialists quickly sent all the reserves that they could to the single on going front.  The Secessionists on the other hand wearied from their distasteful work and sent only limited reinforcements.  
Although the Raven Guard, Alpha Legion and Helaen First reaped a bloody toll, smashing aside almost all the forces and reserves that they faced, the Imperialists willingness to stay in the fight bringing them ultimate victory!

That brings the Betrayal era to a close.  In the coming weeks expect a wrap up of the Betrayal era, the set up for the Massacre era, and the rules changes that we will be using for the Masscre era.

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