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Dissent in the Ranks - Supply grab Heresy Battle part 1

This is the second battle of the Imperial Fists civil war in this unique Heresy Era setting. You can find the first battle here and here. These games represent the conflicting ideologies of Sigismund and Alexus Polux. Sigismund fights for the Emperor and expects all Imperial Fists to do so, whereas Alexus Polux wants the Imperial Fists to cede from the Emperor and join the Successionists. These battles represent who the Imperial Fists will mainly fight for. Dorn, at this stage has made no move on his own Legion, or any indication who he supports, but he won't stay idle for long.

This game was 1500pts, and was an objective grab mission. We had 4 objectives on the board. and we had the usual secondary objectives. In addition, every Heavy support Choice wiped out was worth an extra victory point, which did make me chuckle a little considering I had 4 extra victory points to give up.

Here are the resplendent forces of Sigismund.

Legion Tactical Squad (I)                                                
Legion vexila                                                                                                             
--> Rhino                                                                          
--> Extra Armour                                                          
Legion Tactical Squad (II)                                            
--> Rhino                                                                             
--> Extra Armour                                                            
Legion Heavy Support Squad                                      
4 Missile Launchers                                                         
1 Extra Marine                                                             
Augury Scanner                                                                                             
Legion Heavy Support Squad                                     
4 Lascannons                                                                    
2 Extra Marines                                                                
Augury Scanner                                                                                               
Land Raider Proteus                                                                                                      
Land Raider Proteus                                                                                                       

Secessionist Forces

Legion Praetor
Solarite Power Gauntlet
Consul Master of the Fleet
Contemptor Dreadnought 
Multimelta, Dreadnought Close combat weapon
Contemptor Dreadnought 
Multimelta, Dreadnought Close combat weapon
Contemptor Dreadnought
2 Chainfists, 2 melta guns, Chassis Havoc Launcher
Legion Dreanought
Twin-linked Lascannon, Dreadnought Close combat weapon
Legion Veteran Squad (I)
(sniper special rule)
Legion Veteran Squad (II)
Heavy Bolter, Meltagun

So we had an objective grab game, where Heavy Support choices, if wiped out or fleeing, were worth an extra VP. As you can see from my list, I had 4 additional VP points I could give up. However these supplies were very important to capture, as they contained not only extra ammunition and powercells, but fuel. Sigismund needed to deny the traitor Fists these resources and capture them for himself, in order to maintain and keep his armour running.

 Secessionist Forces deploy to capture supplies.
 Sigismund and his armour deployment.
The scene is set. I fail to sieze the initiative, so the Secessionist Forces get the first turn.

Secessionist Forces Turn 1
The Contemptor Talon crashes through the building in front of them, heading towards the Imperialist forces. The one on the far right however gets caught in falling masonry and is immobilized. The Legion Dreadnought takes a shot at Rhino I, but hits a wall instead. The veterans move up, towards the Imperial lines, with the sniper squad (blue) taking possession of the ruined building and the objective.
Imperialist Turn 1
The Land Raiders move to line up shots on the approaching Contemptors, hoping to knock them out before their Multi-meltas can get into optimal range. Rhino II moves out of the way of the Lascannon Heavy Support squad, and attempts to give some cover to the Missile Launcher squad from the approaching veterans.
The hail of lascannons and missiles claim the middle Contemptor and some light damage is sustained by the leading contemptor. First blood is claimed by the Imperialists!
Secessionist Forces Turn 2

The lead Contemptor continues its advance though the ruins and takes a shot at Rhino II. The Rhino suffers an immobilized result and suffers a hull point of damage. The Venteran squad II (yellow), move up trying to close the distance to the heavy support squads. The Master of Signal calls down a terrifying strike on the Lascannon squad in the open. His aim scattered little, and 3 marines were taken out by the strike. The Land Raider "Indomitable" shrugged off the effects of the blast.

Imperialist  Turn 2
The Land Raiders again adjust their aim at the lead Contemptor and manage to take it down. The remaining heavy Weapon shots fire at the last immobilized Contemptor and manage to inflict heavy damage on its frame, but it fights on. The crew of Rhino II desperately try to restart the engine, but to no avail.

Secessionist Forces Turn 3

The traitor forces fire at the stranded Rhino II, and manage to wreck the noble vehicle. The Tactical squad II, disembark ready for orders.

Imperialist Turn 3
The lascannon heavy support squad embarks on the Land Raider "Indomitable", and it proceeds to move them to the objective on the left side of the table in the ruins. Sigismund, with the enemy Warlord identified, instructs the "Dauntless" to move towards them. Tactical squad II is ordered to meet up with Sigismund for the assault on the Warlord. The Heavy Weapons and Land Raiders fire shots at the veteran sniper squad hunkered on their objective, but the cover is too good, and only a couple fall.

So draws an end to part 1 of the battle. Will the Imperialists continue their lucky streak? Will Sigismund finally get to take down the enemy Warlord in honourable combat? Stay tuned and we shall see!

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