Sunday, January 18, 2015

Dissent in the Ranks - Supply grab Heresy Battle part 2

Here is the second part of the Supply grab mission fought against the Traitor Fists. If you missed the first part, you can find it here. This game was 1500pts, and was an objective grab mission. We had 4 objectives on the board. and we had the usual secondary objectives. In addition, every Heavy support Choice wiped out was worth an extra victory point.

So here we go!

Secessionist Turn 4
The enemy Praetor sees the Land Raider "Dauntless" and decides to go for it, and orders his squad up to assault the vehicle. There is no other movement, and shooting is ineffective.
The enemy Warlord pounds against the hull, but ultimately the stalwart armour holds fast and no damage is sustained.

Imperialist Turn 4

The Land Raider "Indomitable" deposits the lascannon squad on the left objective, and draws a bead on the veteran squad. The Rhino carrying Tactical squad I sneaks up towards the objective held by the Legion Dreadnought on the far left of the field. Sigismund disembarks and joins the Tactical squad II, and the Land Raider "Dauntless" gets ready to fire. Sigismund sees his target and declares to his troops that that one is his!
...and then the Land Raiders vaporize the Warlord. The veteran squad sustains a few causalities. Sigismund seethes at his missed chance of honourable combat.

Secessionist Turn 5
The veteran squad wet their blades on the blood of the Missile Heavy Support squad. The Dreadnought takes a shot at the Rhino, but again hits the terrain.

Imperialist Turn 5
Sigismund launches into assault with the veteran squad and issues his challenge. The Sgt steps forward and is hacked down along with the rest of the unit, leaving the tactical squad to simply watch in awe. The land Raiders move up and take some shots at the Legion Dreadnought, and manage to do some light damage to it.

Final Turn 6
The Secessionist last turn is uneventful, with the Legion dreadnought Immobilized and stunned, its shot misses the mark. The Veteran Sniper squad is out of range of any targets, and simply secures their objective.

The Imperialists move towards the last sections of resistance. Sigismund and the Land Raider "Dauntless" claim the objective in the right field. Tactical squad I disembarks in front of the objective held by the Legion Dreadnought. Shooting is ineffective, with the Heavy Weapon shots unable to make a lasting mark on the last Legion Dreadnought.
 However, left on 1 hullpoint left, Tactical squad I throws a krak grenade, that takes down the engine of war.

So that is game! The end results are:

Imperialist: 12
Secessionist: 4

A Imperialist victory! Again, Sigismund wasn't able to get into combat with the enemy Warlord, and again due to my shooting. Hopefully Sigismund will get his mark in the next game. The next game will be 2000pts, so it should be interesting.

Thanks for looking.


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