Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Depths of the Avis Caveum

Following the beating the Raven Guard got in the Battle for the Avis Caveum the White Scars boarding party has made it deeper into the bowels of the Avis Caveum.  Whilst seeking critical systems to destroy the White Scars are again brought to battle.  This time each force was trying to secure their position whilst pushing taking the enemies position.

Once again we used the Cities of Death rules and tried the Void War rules.  From the Void War rules we used the Exploding Cover (cover saves of '1' cause an extra D3 auto wounds) and Faster Run (may run 2d6" but if either dice is a '1' every model must take an armour save) optional rules.  As well as the default all terrain is dangerous, and every attack has rending (actual rending becomes 5+).

The armies were roughly:
Raven Guard:
Consul-Vigilator Vrael [power sword, artificer armour]
10 Tactical Marines [extra CC weapons, vexilia, combi-flamer]
6 Tactica Support [flamers, sarge w/lighting claw]
10 Assault Marines [2 power axes, sarge w/ artificer armour and twin raven's talons]
Contemptor Dreadnought [heavy flamer, twin heavy bolter]
Terantula Sentry gun [heavy bolter]
Power Generator 

White Scars:
Consul-Librarian J'zargo [thunder hammer, artificer armour, biomancy]
15 Tactical Marines
15 Tactical Marines
15 Assault Marines [sarge w/power sword and combat shield]
5 Heavy Support [autocannons]
Ammunition Store

The mission required us to each select a building that we had to hold and that our enemy had to take from us.  Being the infiltrating jerks that they are, the Raven Guard picked a building off to the side to defend and then planned to sneak into it whilst the White Scars weren't looking.


Raven Guard move up.

The Whites Scars hit hard and fast almost destroying the Raven Guard in turn 1!

The Raven Guard counter attack crippling the Scars' assault Squad but are almost finished of in the attempt.  There are only 8 Raven Guard models left on the table, with ~38 White Scars left.  Needless to say my morale was waning.

Although the Autocannon support squad stunned the dreadnought the tables were turning!  The Raven Guard flamer support sergeant and power axe wielding assault marine finished off the White Scars' assault marines and the assault marine sargeant laid J'zargo low.

Turn 3 was a turn of amazing devastation!  The Raven Guard kicked things off by sending the assault squad into the White Scars Building to take on the Tactical squad parked there.  Meanwhile Vrael, the apothacary, flamer squad sergeant and tactical squad sergeant all shot, exploded and set fire to most of the 15 strong tactical squad camped on the Raven Guard building and then charged the few survivors.  Killing the last of them in the Whites Scars turn 3.
Not to be outdone the White Scars then detonated the demolitions they had hidden in their building,  if only they weren't busy fighting the assault marine sergeant in the building at the time...  Rather surprisingly no one was hurt in the blast. 

Proving himself an utter badass the flamer sergeant charged the surviving tactical marines.  With the help of the assault sergeant, who was in turn taken down, killed them all bar the tactical squad sergeant.
 The end game was largely watching the tactical sergeant dueling the flamer support squad sergeant.  The few Raven Guard secured their building and took pot shots at the autocannon support squad, who in turn pasted the Contemptor.

After a surprising few rounds the duel ends, with a double kill!

The surviving White Scars: 4 Autocannon heavy support legionnaires.

The surviving Raven Guard: a wounded Vigilator Vrael and the apothacary, standing in the building they swore to defend.

Final Result: Victory for the Raven Guard.

Next time in the Avis Caveum: can the severley depleted White Scars boarding force reach a critical location and escape the crippled ship before they get wiped out?  

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  1. what a shame the Ravenguard survived! White Scars are getting lax in their duty to punish those black birds!