Saturday, August 9, 2014

Battle on the Avis Caveam

The first proper battle of the Deliverance Lost warzone saw the White Scars and Raven Guard fighting in the bowels of a Strike Cruiser in the early fleet battles that occurred before the planetary invasion proper.  To simulate the tighter confines of shipboard combat we used the Cities of Death Rules.

The armies were roughly:
Raven Guard
Consul-Vigilator Vrael [power sword, artificer armour]
10 Tactical Marines [extra CC weapons]
6 Tactica Support [flamers, sarge w/lighting claw]
10 Assault Marines [2 power axes, sarge w/ artificer armour and twin lightning claws]
5 Terminators [assorted weapons]
2 Terantula Sentry guns [lascannon, heavy bolter]

White Scars
Consul-Librarian J'zargo[thunder hammer, artificer armour, biomancy]
15 Tactical Marines
15 Tactical Marines
15 Assault Marines [sarge w/power sword and combat shield]
5 Heavy Support [autocannons]

The scenario meant we had to "plant our flags" in as many buildings as possible, player with the most flags planted wins.  A red token is a White Scars flag, blue tokens are Raven Guard flags.

Ammo Cache: in the building held by the Heavy Support Squad
Booby Traps: we both took these
Sewer Rats: 5x 25mm bases were used to mark the sewers the Raven Guard tactical squad and support squad could deploy from.


Raven Guard assault marines take fire whilst both armies move out.  Raven Guard Securing the right of the table and White Scars taking the left.

The Raven Guard Terminators and Vigilator Vrael are charged by the White Scars assault squad and Librarian J'zargo.

The Terminators are killed down to one survivor "The Bear" (unique heraldry coming soon) and Vrael and J'zargo are locked in a challenge.

Suddenly Raven Guard burst forth from the sewers!  Will this make up for the slaughter of the Terminators?

J'zargo casts Iron Arm and gets a Warp Surge! He is now S7 and T7 with Fleshbane, Armourbane, Smash and a 3+ invulnerable save.  Even with all this he only just kills Vrael.  "The Bear" survives the attacks of the entire assualt squad only to have his nerve break when Vrael falls.

Things are looking better for the Raven Guard at the top of the table, with the White Scars fire base in serious trouble.
J'zargo mops up the last of the assualt squad as the White Scars assault squad starts taking the buildings on the left.

The battlefield mid-game.

Having secured the right flank the Raven Guard start planting their flags when suddenly:

The last of the Raven Guard face the White Scars.  It does not end well for the sons of the Raven.

Victory for the White Scars!

Next time Round 2 results, then pics from the Red Angel Commeth.

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