Sunday, August 10, 2014

Cometh the Red Angel pics and results

The first Isstvan III Legendary battle has come and gone in a glorious day of bloodshed and violence.   Thanks to Qrabat Photography and Design we have a ton of pictures, I'll be putting a bunch up now but I will probably add a new post later on with more of the pics.

The Imperialists set up their defences, hoping to take a mighty toll with their last stand
The Secessionists arrive in style, wiith Rusty the Reaver Titan towering over everything.
It is a bad day to be a Blood Angels dreadnought, with 3 dying in the Secessions first turn.
Fulgrim's photo op.  He must have been there to do some sight seeing as he never succeeded a single charge, despite never needing more than a 6.
 The Raven Guard contemptor dreadnought leads a Leman Russ squadron against Rusty.
Surrounded and badly outclassed by the sheer number of super heavies the Secessionists brought, things look grim for the Imperialists.
Scions of Guilliman get stuck into the Salamanders.
Raven Guard lurk in the ruins hoping to bloody the nose of the Emperor's Children and the Dark Mechanicum's forces.
 Blood Angels move on looking to take the Aquilia Stongpoint
The Knight gets ready to make a mess
The White Scars and Salamanders find themselves between the World Eaters and Scions of Guilliman.
The Salamanders Glaive proves once again why it is to be feared.
The Raven Guard assault Rusty in a desperate attempt to kill it.  After several rounds of combat Rusty is severly damaged.
The warlords commanding their forces.
Stalled by the entrenched troops the Blood Angels never the less take the Strongpoint.
Just to watch the Salamanders destroy the main gun before it can be turned on the Imperialists
Just as a cheer goes up from the Imperialists the Glaive is put down by the Dark Mechanicum's Lightning.
The centre and right side have fallen!
In one of the most entertaining parts of the battle Cassian Dracos faced down two Scions of Guilliman dreadnoughts.  After being immobilised quickly Cassian then immobilised a charging scion dreadnought.  The three spent the entire battle in a almost stationary firefight.

All in all it was a crushing victory for the Secessionists.  Better than that it was one heck of a fun game!  Hopefully we can get just as good a bash for the next Legendary Battle.

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