Thursday, September 18, 2014

Counter Thrust results (WASMEx)

On Sunday the 14th of September we played our second Legendary game for the Secession.  We played Legendary Battle III "Counter Thrust" found in Horus Heresy Book I "Betrayal" on page 161, with the alterations found here.

The Imperialist forces gathered in the centre of the battlefield ready to break out through the Secessionist lines under the cover of night and dust storms.

The Secessionists hem in and get ready to annihilate the Imperialists.

The White Scars outriders melt the Leman Russes to molten sludge.

The Raven Guard and Deadpool (Vindicare) sneak behind the enemy lines to cause some mayhem

The Thousand Sons are ambushed by assassins whilst the Imperialists surge forwards.

Castrman Orth Backs up before his Fellblade is destroyed, smashing to the bastion to pieces and killing most of the Raven Guard Support Squad in the process.

The Secessionists lay down a phenomenal amount of firepower to try and hold back the Imperialists.

Fulgrim begins his slaughter of the Imperialist Scions by cutting down Apothicarion Laeradis.

 The Raven Guard Seekers take control of the mighty Quake cannon and bombard the Secessionist lines.

The Imperial Army Lightning comes in to lay waste to the Hawkshroud Knight, but failing to take down the mighty warengine.
Although the Thousand Sons, Iron Hands and Imperial Army have taken a savage beating at the hands of the Imperialists.  They are reinforced by a squad of Thousand Sons terminators.

The Secessionists on the other side of the river having a better time of it advance on the Imperialists.

The Imperialists failed in their push to break through the Secessionist lines, their assault stalled from the deadly hail of firepower laid down by their foes.

Victory to the Secessionists! 
With a victory point tally of a mighty 48/35 the counter thrust was crushed as would eventually be all the Imperialists on Isstvan III.

Raven Guard
Centurion (warlord)
Viglator Vrael
5 Terminators
15 assault marines
15 tactical marines
6 tactical support (flamers)
5 heavy support (missile launchers)
6 seekers
10 recon marines
3 tarantulas (2 twin lascannon, 1 twin heavy bolter)
White Scars
Legion Champion
2x 15 Tactical Marines
15 Assault Marines
6 Outriders
2 Attack bikes (Multi-Meltas)
5 Heavy Support Marines (Autocannons)
Vindicare Assassin
Eversor Assasin
Calldius Assasin
MechanicumArchmagos Myrmidax Nikolias Tesla
Archmagos Ordinartus Raspin Torge
4 Thallax (heavy chainblades)
4 Thallax
7 Thallax (Multi-melta)
5x Castellax (Paragons of metal)
Krios Battle tank
Krios Venator
Knight Paladin
Scions of Guilliman
Librarian - Brother Braellen
Master of Signals - Lt Pasanius Lysane
5 Legion Terminator Squad - Squad Invictus
Apothecarion Detachment - Brother Laeradis / Brother Anteros
Legion Dreadnought - Brother Gabril
Rapier Laser Destroyer
10 Legion Tactical Squad - Squad Sinon
10 Legion Assault Squad - Sqoad Trajan
5 Legion Tactical Support Squad (meltaguns)
3 Legion Jet Bikes - Squad Scorpio
Predator Squadron "Calth's Wrath" - Vengence of Calth and Rage of Antonius
Legion Sicaran Tank - Glory of Tassadar
House Hawkshroud Knight - Piloted by Lord Varthion

Emperor's Children
Legion Champion
3x5 terminators
10 veterans
Thousand Sons
Primus Medicae
3x Contemptor Mortis
2x Apothecaries
10x Terminators
2x 20x Tactical Marines
2x 20x Assault Marines
1x Tarantula (Heavy Bolter)
Iron Hands
Iron Lord Heifestos Cratus (praetor)
Seeker Grishol (librarian)
3x 10 Veterans
3x apothecaries
2x Sicarians (the Bloodied Fist, Shield of Contempt)
fellblade (Wrath of the Gorgon) driven by Spearhead centurion Castrmen Orth
Alpha Legion
5 Lernaean Terminators
10 Tactical Marines
Imperial Army
Tank Commander in Leman Russ Punisher
Leman Russ Vanquisher, Leman Russ Executioner
Primaris Psyker
5 Scions, Taurox Prime
10 Veterans
Platoon Command Squad
3 x Infantry Squads
2 x Heavy Weapon Squads
Storm Lord

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