Sunday, September 14, 2014

Avis Caveum: Battle in the Medicae Facility

After the last battle in the Depths of the Avis Caveum J'zargo Khan lead the bloodied remnants of his White Scars in an attempt to rendezvous with other forces of the White Scars boarding party.  Managing to find a medbay J'zargo is caught unawares by various Raven Guard elements drawn together by Vigilator Vrael.  Will the White Scars be able to hold out against the Raven Guard attack in time for their reinforcements to arrive?  Find out in this exciting episode!

We used the Cities of Death rules and the Void War rules.  From the Void War rules we used the Exploding Cover (cover saves of '1' cause an extra D3 auto wounds),  Faster Run (may run 2d6" but if either dice is a '1' every model must take an armour save) and Airless Void (-1Sv to anymodel not wearing a helmet) optional rules.

 The armies were roughly:
Raven Guard (unbound):
Centurion [powerfist, plasma pistol, artificer armour]
Consul-Vigilator Vrael [power sword, artificer armour]
6 Tactical Support [flamers, sarge w/lighting claw]
5 Terminators [assorted weapons]
6 Seekers
5 Heavy Support [missile launchers]
Contemptor Dreadnought [heavy flamer, twin heavy bolter]
3 Techpriests [2 heavy bolter servitors each, 2 with rad grenades]
3 Terantula Sentry guns [heavy bolter, 2x lascannon]

White Scars:
Consul-Librarian J'zargo [thunder hammer, artificer armour, biomancy]
Legion Champion [jump pack, power sword, artificer armour]
15 Tactical Marines
15 Tactical Marines
15 Assault Marines [sarge w/power sword and combat shield]
5 Outriders [sarge w/ power axe]
Attack bike [multi melta]
Callidus Assassin
Medicae Facility
 Booby Traps
(there was 1 more but I forget what it was)

The mission required the White Scars to hold the western wing of the central buillding, if at the end of any White Scars turn there were no White Scars in the building and it was occupied by Raven Guard then the Raven Guard would win, otherwise victory for the Scars.


The Raven Guard Close in on J'zargo and the Tactical squad holed up in the Medicae Facility.

The Callidus makes a run for the Centurion, and is slain for her troubles!

J'zargo's counter attack smashes into Vrael taking him out of the fight!

The Raven Guard Clear the last of the White Scars out of the Medicae Facility.

Whilst the White Scars reinforcements close in.

But it proves to be too little too late!

On the very brink of reaching the Medicae Facility the order is given for the White Scars to fall back.

Victory to the Raven Guard!

Next time on the Avis Caveum:  Although initially successful the White Scars boarding assault has been thrown into disarray.  The few survivors now must make their way back off the ship, using the Raven Guard's own vehicles!

Next time on The Ultramar Secession:  The results of the Counter Thrust Legendary Battle which we fought at Wasmex last weekend.

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