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Warzones of the Betrayal (Deliverance Lost)

The Betrayal era sees the Legions the beginnings of the Secession proper.  With several major warzones being fought over between the Secessionists and Imperialists at the dawn of Guilliman's Imperium Secundus.

Shortly before the events of Isstvan III the White Scars were sent to destroy the Raven Guard Legion.  Having taken it upon themselves to censure the ever erratic actions of the White Scars, the Raven Guard found themselves cast adrift, no longer a part of the mighty Imperium.  Whilst determining what course of action to take now Corax withdrew the majority of the Raven Guard back to Deliverance, this one of the Raven Guard's most tragic mistakes during the Secession.  Unbeknownst to Corax the White Scars had been sent to attack his Legion, to punish them further and to rid the Imperium of their newest enemy.  The White Scars attack was sudden and brutal. The White Scars came out of warp mid system, a freakishly dangerous action at the best of times and one that caused considerable damage to the White Scars fleet, they unleashed a terrible devastation on the Raven Guard forces which scrambled to counter attack.
Deliverance Lost Rules
The Legions fighting over Deliverance are:
White Scars
Raven Guard

Being one of the longer lasting fights during the Secession, Deliverance Lost will occur over several eras.

There are 3 main theaters involved in the battles of Deliverance Lost.  Players should use these theaters to help them theme mission selection, game size and terrain types.  The three theaters are:
The Desolate Moon

The moon Deliverance is a desolate and blasted wasteland punctuated by the moons defence systems and the few habdomes needed above the surface of Deliverance.  This theater would be good for larger battles and is the only theater where large numbers of tanks and larger vehicles could easily be used.  Rocky outcrops, craters, defensive weapon emplacements and limited buildings would be perfect terrain for the moon.  Planet Strike would be perfect to represent the initial landings on the moon.
The Labyrinths of Deliverance
Beneath the surface of Deliverance lies the vast network of cavernous tunnels of the old Lycaen mines.  Those mines with richer seams or further from the Raven Spire are still used as mines.  The tunnels closer in serve as armouries, storage, training and housing areas for the Legion and its serfs.  Extremely close in fighting, with limited long ranged or aerospace support would make this theater ideal for City Fights or Zone Mortalis battles.  Although larger, more open areas abound Deepstriking, Fliers, and Barrage weapons should be very heavily restricted.
Naval Battles and Kiavahr's Hives
This theater is a mix of battles fought in and amongst the Hives of Kiavahr and the various battles that took place in space between the White Scar and Raven Guard fleets.  Broadly speaking similar terrain and rules could be used for each.  Zone Mortalis and City Fights would be ideal, as would a densely clustered terrain set.  Planet Strike would work for the initial boarding actions in the space battles and the Void War rules (coming soon to a Secession blog near you!) could also be used.

Generic Betrayal Warzone Rules
Although the various Legions are assigned to various Warzones this doesn't mean that elements for their forces aren't active elsewhere in the galaxy.  As such (and so no one gets left out; and we can have some big games)  players may bring their Legions to any Warzone.  There will however be a benefit given for fighting in the correct warzone (more details in a future post).

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