Friday, June 13, 2014

Warzones of the Betrayal (Isstvan III)

The Betrayal era sees the Legions the beginnings of the Secession proper.  With several major warzones being fought over between the Secessionists and Imperialists at the dawn of Guilliman's Imperium Secundus.

Guilliman gathers his closest allies above the blighted world of Isstvan III.  It is here Guilliman, Horus, Fulgrim, Sanguinius and Angron openly plot against the rule of the Emperor.  Their first move to cleanse their Legions of those who show greater loyalty to the throne than to their Warmaster and Primarchs.  It is Guilliman's intention to simply strand their Legionnaires upon the world on which they now fight.  Sanguinius and Fulgrim are quick to point out that leaving an army of that size at their backs is too great a threat.  Guilliman does not hear the plans of his brothers, nor their bickering, his heart is heavy with the knowledge of what he must do.  The orders to begin the bombardment are given, soon the Imperialists in their ranks will be purged in the most ignominious way possible.  Guilliman wears a wry smile as the order spreads from his brothers to their Legions, as he alone hears Angron give the order that the Imperialists be warned of their fate.  Perhaps the Legionnaires will get an honourable death after all, a chance to stand against this Betrayal.

Isstvan III Rules
The Legions that are battling on Isstvan III are:
Scions of Guilliman
Emperor's Children
Luna Wolves
World Eaters
Blood Angels

Isstvan III will follow all the rules found in Betrayal and players are strongly recommended to use the scenarios found therein.  I will be running 3 of the Legendary battles as multiplayer events in the 3rd week, middle of the campaign and as a finale game, more details will be provided closer to the events.

When any of the above Legions fight a battle on Isstvan III their player should decide if they are playing as Secessionists or Imperialists.  It does not matter which side their opponents choose.  When players post their game results (to be detailed in a future post) they will need to add which side they played as. 

Generic Betrayal Warzone Rules
Although the various Legions are assigned to various Warzones this doesn't mean that elements for their forces aren't active elsewhere in the galaxy.  As such (and so no one gets left out; and we can have some big games)  players may bring their Legions to any Warzone.  There will however be a benefit given for fighting in the correct warzone (more details in a future post).

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