Wednesday, May 28, 2014

The Martian Rebellions

Kicking off the 2nd era of the Secession we will have the Martian Rebellion.  For the first two weeks we will play smaller games so we can fit more games in to get used to 40k in general and 7th ed specifically.

Once the Emperor had chosen his Warmaster to lead the Legionnes Astartes the Emperor retreated to Terra to begin his Great Work.  None knew for sure what this Great Work was or what it entailed, it did little by little start stirring disquiet in the nascent Imperium.  On Mars the greatest of the Forgeworlds of the Mechanicum the Emperor cast aside his own and older sanctions on forbidden technologies.  Many in the Mechanicum leaped at the chance to study such ancient and forbidden secrets, to learn them, make them their own, to control them.  There were those Techpriests that believed that these secrets should remain forbidden, and they took it as their sacred duty to discover, protect and hide Forbidden technologies.

Before long minor skirmishes broke out in various Forges and between the slowly fracturing Mechanicum.  This caused a minor although noticable drop in the resupply of the Legions.  Before long most of the Legions had sent representatives to Mars to see what the reason for the delays was.  Soon all of Mars became embroiled in a raging battle for dominance.  A fight that quickly involved anyone on the red planet.  By the time Guilliman declared his Secession on Isstvan III Mars had become a swirling battleground in its own right.

*The Martian Rebellions will begin on Sunday 13th July and end on Sunday 20th July (inclusive).
*These rules are optional, you may play the normal Secession Betrayal Era rules if you prefer.
*Armies are capped at 750pts
*You must field: 1 HQ and 1 Troop
You may field an additional:  1 HQ, 2 Elites, 2 Fast Attack, 2 Troops, 1 Heavy Support
*You may take Allies, if you do you must take: 1 Troop
In addition you may field one of the following: 1 HQ, 1 Fast Attack, 1 Troop or 1 Heavy Support
*You may not take an Unbound detachment
*Units may not select dedicated transport options.
*No units may have a starting size greater than 15 models before joined by independent characters.
*Vehicles other than walkers may not be chosen unless their models are no more than 4" wide, long or deep (flyers may not be chosen at all).
*Monstrous creatures needing more than a 60mm round base may not be chosen.
*You may only have 1 unit with any of the following:
  2+Sv;  3+invul; 4+W.
*Your force must include either your chosen Legion or a Mechanicum detachment (Primary or Allied).
*This detachment uses the Ideal Mission Commander and Objective Secured command benefits

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