Tuesday, May 13, 2014

The Blog begins!

Finally I have gotten around to putting up this Blog. 

The blog will follow the stories of a bunch of gamers playing primarily at the Tabletop Gamers Association (TGA) and Northern Gamers (NG) gaming clubs as we refight the events of the Horus Heresy.

We decided to scrap the canon and fight our way through the Great Crusade to determine a new Warmaster and along the way we developed a new storyline, based on the original, but changed to suit our story.

The blog will add fluff for our forces and the battles we have fought so far and as we fight them from July to October for the next few years.  I will cover what rules we'll be using for the campaign and hopefully plenty of battle reports, army pics and notes from the players as we go on!

I hope everyone reading this enjoys the ride as much as we do!

all Hail Warmaster Guilliman!
Image by Aerion-the-Faithful on Deviant art (check it out it is cool stuff, also he did all the primarchs)

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