Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Vigilator Vræl

During the Great Crusade it was a Raven Guard task force under command that lead the XIXth Legion's censure of the Vth.  Vigilator Vræl lead several strikes against the White Scars during this time, to such effect that the Raven Guard's involvement in the destruction of several detachments of the Vth's forces was totally unknown.  After the Raven Guard's fall from grace and during the subsequent Whit Scar assault on the Raven Guard's homeworld [re subject: Deliverance Lost Campaign] Vigilator Vræl was instrumental in the capture of Stormseer J'zargo Khan on the Avis Caveum and many of the subsequent actions on Deliverance itself.

WS5  BS5  S4  T5  W2(1) I5 A3 Ld9 Sv2+/5++
Artificer Armour
Power Sword
Refractor Feild
Melta Bombs

Coordinated Strike
Heroic Sacrifice

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