Thursday, May 12, 2016

The Grand Battle of Forgeworld Sarum

As Guilliman's Imperium Secundus spread across the former Ultima Segmentum of the Imperium of Man more and more worlds turned to the benevolent rule of the Warmaster, rather than the uncaring rule of the distant Emperor of Mankind.  Not all worlds joined the Imperium Secundus so willingly however.   Many often vital worlds had to be brought to heel, shown the might of Guilliman's empire  before enjoying the benefits it brought.
The raging Battle for Mars and the reunification of the Dark and Sundered Mechanicum into a singular independent entity, the Martian Mechanicum, demonstrated to all the importance of shoring up their supply lines.  In light of these events Guilliman ordered the attack on Forgeworld Sarum.  Not willing to let such a vital asset fall into the hands of the Warmaster, Magnus the Red, Primarch of the Thousand Sons sent a force of his own.  Thus began the Grand Battle of Forgeworld Sarum.

The first battle of Sarum saw 2 knightly households take up arms alongside the Ordo Cybernetica and Skitarii Legions in defense of the forgeworld.  Arrayed against the Mechanicum forces were a combined force of various Imperialist Legions and Militia units and even Freeblade Knights. 

Such were the vast numbers sent by Magnus that they were easily able to outflank the smaller tighter spearhead of the Knights formation.

The Skitarii hold the line as the Knight households rush forward to meet the well dug in Imperialists.

As the 2 Knightly Households push into the Imperialists a second larger force of Secessionists attacked elsewhere in the Mechanicum's defense line.  The additional forces require the deployment of a fearsome Reaver Titan, supported by yet more knights from the two households.

Already hard pressed by the Imperialists the Mechanicum forces choose once again to marshal their strength on a narrow front, yet again being outflanked by the massively numerically superior Secessionist forces.  

The second battle of Sarum pits the Collegia Titanica, Knightly Households and a much more limited number of Skitarii and Cybernetica cohorts against the assembled Legions of the Secessionists and various Militia forces from across the fledgling Imperium Secundus, under the command of the Ultramarines.

The mighty God Machine unleashes its righteous praise to the Omnissiah in a swirling Maelstrom of death and destruction wrought by its many devastating weapons.  Beneath the Titan's gaze the Knights set to their enemies.

The Secessionist forces unleash a withering hail of firepower as their superior aerospace assets dominate the skies.

Although few in number the Mechanicum forces wield devastating weaponry making each warrior more than a match for even the mighty Legionnes Astartes

The focused fire of the Secessionists is able to bring the mighty Reaver Titan low!  The concentration of fire did leave relatively little fire being brought to bear on the Knights however, who caused staggering losses on their enemies.

The blasted ruin of the God Machine of the Collegia Titanica even in its death throws managed one last act of spite crushing a Militia Baneblade beneath its colossal form!
A Militia heavy weapons trooper surveys the cataclysmic scene unfolding ahead of him.  if these are not mankind's darkest days he ponders what could still be to come?

This was yet another report that I completely forgot about (I think that is the last of the forgotten battles).  Details are roughly as I remember them and what I could gather from the pictures (of which there aren't as many as I'd like).  Some details weren't really important to add given the pictures above but I'll add here for interests sake.
-The Imperialists/Secessionists could outflank 1 super heavy and 3 tanks per turn
-The Imperialists/Secessionists had unlimited respawns of tanks and super heavies (I think it was only those) and infantry for their trenches so long as the trenches had any infantry in them.
-The Reaver Titan got killed in turn 1 or 2 in the second game so it got to respawn too (since some tool forgot to bring it on day 1)
 -All vehicles doubled any form of movement they could perform so we could better make use of the 12' long (I think) table.
-The game was meant to be a spectacle so no real winner could be determined although it flt pretty balanced with crazy fast knights vs unlimited tanks and super heavies
-Originally the game was meant to be Knights vs Superheavies, but a few players dropped out at late notice leaving us with a severely reduced number of super heavies.  Hence the respawns.

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